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Mobile marketing 101
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More and more businesses and organizations are realizing that the mobile phone can serve as a complementary medium to an overall marketing strategy—a medium that is always on, easily accessible, highly interactive and extremely personal. In essence, the mobile phone is a medium that could very well be the next Holy Grail of marketing … if it is used thoughtfully.Marketing via mobile phone, commonly called mobile marketing, encompasses advertising, promotions and direct marketing through tactics and tools like mobile websites, mobile banner ads, SMS (text message) marketing, quick response (QR) codes and more. Essentially, mobile marketing is exactly what today’s mobile phone is: A convergence of telephone, e-mail and the Internet.

If your business is looking to not only stay ahead in marketing trends but expand and maintain the reach of your messages, a mobile marketing strategy might be for you. Consider tying these aspects of mobile marketing into your overall marketing strategy:

Build a mobile website
Just like a website is a pivotal component in traditional marketing and communications, so is the mobile website to mobile marketing. Many mobile web browsers do a decent job of displaying existing web content; however, this isn’t the case for all browsers. What’s more, what works on a large computer display screen isn’t always ideal for the handheld screen. For these reasons, before examining whether or not to pursue a mobile marketing strategy, get on board with making your website mobile-friendly first.

Mobile sites are more or less “light” versions of your existing site. They convey the same look and the same message, but in an abridged version.This light version is created through making a mirror site to your existing site or implementing code into your current site that tells mobile browsers how to read the mobile site. Creating a mirror site will give your site a mobile specific URL—if your business goes this route, be sure to link to the mobile site from your traditional website and promote it across other media, too. Promote all your websites and keep contact and brand information top of mind through direct mail or leave-behind items like magnets and pens.

Explore SMS marketing
Perhaps the most booming mobile marketing approach, SMS, or text-message marketing, is a personal way to engage with audiences and is often the most logical choice to pair with other non-mobile marketing efforts.

Text-message marketing usually works like this: Companies create what is called a short code, which is abbreviated text that audiences type into a message and send to a number specified by a business’s text messaging service. Once users opt in, permission is granted to the business to store the phone number in order to send future promotions like sales or discount codes and other communications like news and product launches. For example, a wine store might add the tagline “Text GRAPES to 55559 to receive a free branded wine stopper!” to existing marketing materials or advertisements.

Since opt in is key to text marketing, be sure to promote your businesses short code as much as possible. Display it prominently on your website and mobile website and include it in all other marketing materials like flyers, posters, brochures and ads. Some retailers even include it with every purchase by imprinting it on receipts or shopping bags like the Eurotote or the Frosted Super Wave Bag.

Use QR codes
QR codes are bar codes that are easily replicated on screen and in print, can be created by anyone with Internet access, and have the unique ability to be read by any smart phone with a code reader and camera. QR codes have caught on because they are unique, allow for more data storage and transfer than a typical barcode, and take up less white space than most ads. They are less effort to use than a URL, less expensive than a short code for text-message marketing and have the potential for individual experiences that your competitors are not likely to be doing.

Take your marketing to cult following status: Put your QR code on a Digital Process Cotton T-Shirt or a Budget Beater White Mug, and give your consumer a chance to play the QR code game while promoting your business every time someone asks, “Hey! What’s the weird design?”

Mobile marketing is on the up and up—put your business in the same direction by exploring the wave of the future while offering fun and valuable content to audiences all at once.

For more information on Mobile Marketing, watch for the Blue Paper®.



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National Donate Life Month
National Kite Month
National Youth Sports Safety Month
Stress Awareness Month
International  School Spirit Season
International Customer Loyalty Month
 Pet First Aid Awareness Month
National Garden Month
National Humor Month
National Occupational Therapy Month
Laugh at Work Week: 1-7
Golden Rule Week: 1-7
National Public Health Week 4-10
National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week: 4-10
National Women’s Nutrition Week: 5-11
National Networking Week: 5-11
National Library Week: 11-17
National Personal Training Week: 11-17
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week: 11-17
International Whistler’s Week: 14-18
National Park Week: 17-23
Administrative Professionals Week: 18-24
Cleaning For a Reason Week: 18-24
National Volunteer Week: 18-24
Sky Awareness Week: 18-24
Customer Awareness Week: 19-24
Fish Fry Week: 19-24
National Dance Week: 23 -5/2
National Pie Week: 23-25
National Playground Safety Week: 25-30
Safe Kids Week: 26 to 5/2
1: April Fools or All Fools Day
1: National Fun at Work Day
1: US Air force Academy Day
2: Good Friday
2: International Children’s Book Day
4: Easter
5: National Deep Dish Pizza Day
6: Teflon Day
7: No Housework Day
7: World Health Day
8: National D.A.R.E Day
10: Baby Massage Day
10: Every Day is Earth Day
10: National Love Our Children Day
11: Barbershop Quartet Day
12: Licorice Day
12: Walk On Your Wild Side Day
13: International Moment of Laughter Day
15: Get To Know Your Customers Day
15: Income Tax Pay Day
16: High Five Day
16: International Stress Awareness Day
16: National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
17: Blah! Blah! Blah! Day
17: Ford Mustang Day
18: Pet Owners Independence Day
21: Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary’s Day
21: National Chocolate-covered Cashews Day
22: Earth Day
22: National Jelly Bean Day
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30: Hairstylists Appreciation Day
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International Victorious Woman Month
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National Barbeque Month
National Bike Month
National Egg Month
National Foster Care Month
National Good Car Keeping Month
National Meditation Month
National Smile Month
Tennis Month
Women’s Health Care Month
National Hamburger Month
National Photo Month
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Be Kind to Animals Week: 2-8
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National Family Week: 2-8
National Hug Holiday Week: 2-8
National Pet Week: 2-8
National Wildflower Week: 2-9
Teacher Appreciation Week: 2-8
Work At Home Moms Week: 3-9
National Nurses Day and Week: 6-12
National Police Week: 9-15
National Return To Work Week: 9-15
National Women’s Health Week: 9-15
Reading is Fun Week: 9-15
EMS Week: 17-23
National Safe Boating Week: 22-28

1: Join Hands Day
1: Kentucky Derby
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1: National Scrapbooking Day
2: World Laughter Day
3: Garden Meditation Day
3: Lumpy Rug Day
4: National Teacher Day
4: Respect for Chickens Day
4: Star Wars Day
6: No Diet Day
6: No Homework Day
6: Nurses Day
6: National Day of Reason
8: No Socks Day
8: World Red Cross Day
8: Child Care Provider Day
8: National Miniature Golf Day
9: Mother’s Day
11: Eat What You Want Day
12: Donate A Day’s Wages To Charity
12: National Nutty Fudge Day
12: National School Nurses Day
12: Receptionist Day
13: Frog Jumping Day
15: Straw Hat Day
18: Visit Your Relatives Day
19:National Employee Health & Fitness Day
21: National Bike To Work Day
23: National Taffy Day
23: World Turtle Day
25: National Tap Dance Day
30: Hug Your Cat Day
31: Memorial Day

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