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Measuring your FacebookSM efforts: What to look for with Facebook InsightsSM
Your company has a FacebookSM page. You are developing content, posting regularly and monitoring the comments, but how do you know if your efforts are working? Social network analysis has been brought to the masses through the Facebook Insights tool. This free tool can help data mine the information needed to see if you are fully utilizing your company’s Facebook page and can show which areas hold potential for growth.Facebook Insights provides detailed metrics for business pages that can help businesses gain further knowledge on who is interacting with their page and how. These insights are available only to administrators of the page. Simply click on the “Insights” tab under the page’s profile picture and a menu of options will appear.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the abundance of data provided on the Insights tab. Here is a quick overview:

  • Total “Likes.” “Likes” show how many people value your business page and how that number has fluctuated over time.
  • People Who “Like” Your Page. This metric highlights demographic information about your fan base.
  • Where Your “Likes” Came From. This data point features the sources generating the most “Likes,” such as admin invites, your website, Facebook recommendations, third-party apps, etc.
  • External Referrers. Similar to the metric above, external referrers track the number of times people arrive on your page from a URL that is not part of Facebook (ex. your website, a blog, GoogleSM, etc.). These people may or may not “Like” your page.
  • Page Views. This resource breaks down the total amount of page views your business page gets per day and will indicate how many were considered unique views versus total views.
  • Total Tab Views. This metric reviews what tabs people are visiting while on your business page whether that is your Wall, Info, Photos or something else.
  • Page Posts. This tool allows you to analyze individual posts and see how they are performing through metrics such as reach, engaged users, virality, etc.

After analyzing the data, the first step will be to build upon the successes you uncovered. For example, are a high percentage of people visiting the Photos tab? If so, consider adding more photo albums that display your products/services, events, company culture, etc. Or, did a majority of your “Likes” come from a successful Facebook ad campaign? You’ll naturally want to try to reproduce that outcome again.

The second step is to go beyond improving what you find already works with new ideas and testing those as well. Consider some of these ideas, but make sure you read Facebook’s legal terms first!

  • Run a Facebook contest that would appeal to your core demographic. An example may be for males ages 22-40—turn a portable cooler into the winning prize, complete with tickets to see a local basketball game, the team’s pennant, water bottles and a gift certificate to a nearby restaurant.
  • Offer a poll to solicit feedback on a new product. If people are willing to register, send them logo’d t-shirts as a “thank-you” for their opinions. This is a low-cost method to research and development!
  • Develop a Facebook game app and provide incentives for levels of play and referral of the app. Send USB drives or key chains to help build viral capacity.

The list of ideas is endless, but the facts are facts! Facebook Insights is a great tool for social network analysis. By strategically looking at the data provided, you can make educated decisions regarding your current and future online marketing strategies.

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