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More than half of people who eat lunch at work struggle to make it healthy. The good news is, you can help. We’ve got tips and meal prep gifts that will help everyone pack a healthy midday meal, even if they are eating it at home these days.


Plan ahead


A recent study showed that people who plan their meals are 13% more likely to have healthy eating patterns and 25% more likely to eat a variety of healthy foods. Useful giveaways like a grocery list notepad and a set of measuring cups are ideal for a virtual or in-person health fair. They’ll also serve as reminders that the best path to a healthy lunch is to plan ahead.


Start with a healthy dinner


One super-quick tip is to start a healthy lunch the night before—make extra at dinner! Give away meal prep gifts like a Collapsible Food Container (or two!) along with some quick, healthy recipes. Lunch prep is as easy as sliding an extra portion into the container. Take it to social media and ask people to share their favorite recipes. Enter those who do into a drawing for a fun prize.


Pack before bed


Last-minute food decisions aren’t always the best decisions. Remind staff to pack their lunch the night before in a lunch sack cooler. It’s one less decision they need to make during sometimes hectic mornings. It’s as easy as grab and go.


Remember the drinks


Although water is the ideal way to hydrate, it can seem a little dull next to energy drinks or soda. Give away Fruit Infuser Bottles to kick the flavor up a notch without added sugar.


Determine the right size


Even when people make healthy food choices, knowing the correct portion size can be challenging. Remind them of these daily healthy food portions:


  • Vegetables: 2-3 cups
  • Fruit: 1 ½-2 cups
  • Grains: 5-8 ounces
  • Dairy: 3 cups
  • Protein: 5-6 ½ ounces
  • Oils: 5-7 teaspoons


Host an in-person or virtual office-wide challenge where participants keep track of how well they meet the daily guidelines. A portion control container set with measurements makes a great prize for the winners!


Healthy eating, one bite at a time


Knowing how to pack a healthy lunch that’s fast, easy and tasty is the first step toward making better food choices. By sharing these tips and meal prep gifts, you’ll help your employees on the road to success.