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Does you agency have a good understanding of how to market to Millennials? This population has officially assumed the role of one of Canada’s largest living generations, tied with Boomers. Environics Analytics estimates that there are 9.5 million Millennials, those ages 15 to 34, across Canada. Has your interest piqued?

If you’re not already paying attention to Millennials, you may want to start. This generation, like those before them, has unique behavioural tendencies and traits. And communicating with Millennials, in a way that positions your agency as relevant, is quite different, too. Learn all about this generation, including Millennial traits and characteristics, and how to engage them.

Communicating with Millennials

How do you make sure your marketing efforts speak to Millennials? Start by gaining a better understanding of them. First, Millennials love content. A recent HubSpot® blog says this generation spends an average of 25 hours a week online—viewing videos, reading blogs and combing through social media. Second, not only do Millennials love content, they share it, like it, tweet it, snap it, follow it, forward it—you get the picture. And third, according a recent study, the vast majority of Millennials, a whopping 90 percent, view content on multiple devices, sometimes switching devices mid-activity. Make sure your marketing fits the bill with these tips:

Provide authentic content


Authenticity is key to building trust with Millennials. A Forbes® article states, when millennials consume content, 43 percent value its authenticity over the content itself. In other words, you’ll need to instil confidence in Millennial readers before they’ll even consider picking up your content. Blogging can be a great way to do just that. Blogs are authentic. They’re generally written by a single author, and when relevant, they help readers connect with your agency’s brand.

Build an audience for your blog by first and foremost, providing relevant posts. Share on social media and engage readers with comments, posts and even contests—for instance an entry into a prize draw for sharing. Reward winners with a logo’d tablet sleeve or combo flashlight/pen/stylus.



Millennials want to be engaged—open a dialogue with this group of constituents and you may create lifelong engaged citizens and advocates. Encourage Millennials to weigh in on issues important to them—for instance, health and wellness, economic development or community safety. Blog comments, online polls and even community meetings are all great venues to solicit feedback. Show gratitude and encourage participation with small rewards for contribution such as logo’d tumblers, shopping totes or ice scraper mitts.

Provide a seamless browsing experience

Remember the stat that 90 percent of Millennials view content on multiple devices and switch mid-activity? In a recent study, two out of three say they experience frustration if a seamless, multi-device experience isn’t delivered. Your website or app must provide a personalized, uniform experience regardless of device.

Remember, if your agency is wondering how to market to Millennials, the answer is content, content, content. Just be sure it’s authentic, collaborative and able to be consumed across devices.

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