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| Updated: September 30, 2020

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Make way as Gen Z enters the workforce

Gen Z. iGen. Post-Millennials. Plurals. These are all names used to describe the next generation of workers. The first wave of Generation Z employees (born between 1994 and 2010) is set to enter the workforce this May, bringing with them loyalty, flexibility and an entrepreneurial spirit. But they also have a different way of thinking about work—one that we haven’t necessarily seen in past generations.

According to a recent survey of college students, 83 percent believe they will stay in their first job just three years or less; 27 percent say one year or less is appropriate. However, the opportunity for growth tops the list of considerations when choosing a first job. Fulfilling work and job stability follow.

This e-newsletter explains the best ways to recruit members of Gen Z and keep them happy and engaged at work.

  • They love mobile: Most Gen Z-ers are glued to mobile, so it’s safe to say your recruitment efforts should be there, too. Make sure candidates can research your company, view job opportunities and apply from their mobile devices. Include URLs or quick-response (QR) codes on gadget stands or screen cleaners to hand out with your recruitment materials.
  • They prefer traditional methods of communication: Although Gen Z doesn’t know a world without technology, research shows this group prefers in-person communication at work. In fact, 53 percent would rather talk face-to-face than via instant message or email. If you require a meeting of the minds, consider inviting Gen Z staffers to meet in person instead of messaging them. The same applies to providing feedback, too.
  • They’re motivated by opportunity: One in three Gen Z workers say they are most motivated by the opportunity for advancement. This means that the chance to learn and grow may trump a salary bump. Offer frequent, relevant training, professional-development opportunities and the chance to job shadow colleagues in other departments. Opportunities like this not only quench Gen Z’s thirst for knowledge and growth, they also help companies develop more well-rounded employees.
  • They want a fun, flexible team environment: A friendly, flexible workplace is among the top five attributes Gen Z looks for in a job. This group expects to have fun at work, prefers a flexible schedule and wants the opportunity to collaborate. Consider holding employee lunches or coffee hours that double as brainstorming sessions, and provide fun giveaways to promote idea generation—for example, chalk-it up mugs, Mood Spoons and veggie buddies.

Gen Z brings a lot to the table, including loyalty, flexibility and an entrepreneurial spirit. Get them in the door and keep them happy once they’re there with these Gen Z recruitment tips.

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