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The rapid pace of technology seems to produce new applications on a weekly basis. No area is exploding faster than location-based services, powered by Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Multiple points of data are integrated to provide sophisticated webs of information that can be searched, monitored, classified, categorized and reported in an unlimited number of ways. It all sounds futuristic, but the future is now. Location technology offers applications useful to government agencies as well as individuals and businesses.

  • Resource management: Location-based systems can track employee location relative to work needs, allowing efficient and timely response to events and emergencies. Critical utility failures or disasters, for example, can be addressed by the closest responders. Make sure responders can get through crowds by outfitting them with agency-branded shirts. Managers can easily direct employees to sites and provide directions from employees’ current locations instantly.
  • Public safety: Location technology offers the ability to provide exact and timely information to citizens in the event of an emergency. Disaster kits (filled with flashlights, water, whistles and more) can be customized with phone numbers and websites that homeowners should contact in the event of an emergency situation. Individuals in a danger zone can be notified to evacuate, directed to the best route from their current location, and provided with directions to the nearest emergency shelter or health care service. Location-based apps also aid crews conducting search and rescue operations.
  • Collaboration: Government plays a crucial role in the development of location-based technology by making the wealth of information collected by agencies available to developers. Street closures, business names, public transportation, and other bits of data are goldmines for entrepreneurs and app creators. Some local governments sponsor meet-ups to connect the people who have data with the people who need it, as well as discussing the future of location technology and how it can be used to benefit the community. Hand out notepads and pens with your agency’s contact info to ensure that busy, creative developers can find you again.
  • Mapping: “A density map lets you measure the number of features using a uniform areal unit so you can clearly see the distribution,” notes GIS.com. “This is especially useful when mapping areas, such as census tracts or counties, which vary greatly in size.” Use GIS maps in city planning. Mapping also has law enforcement applications. A Crown Attorney might monitor drug-related arrests to find out how close an arrest is to a school, as the location has implications for the penalty range.

Need a real life example? Australia’s Parramatta City Council has worked to engage the community in creating useful location-based services. One project tracks the locations of the city’s shuttle buses. Another directs drivers to available parking spaces. That’s a technological boon we could all get behind. Keep up with their groundbreaking work at Parraconnect or remind your constituents about the location-based services your agency offers in a memorable way, like a customized magnet.

Daffodil Month
National Oral Health Month
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 
Awareness Month
Parkinson Awareness Month 
Poetry Month
Records Management Month 
2nd Week: National Wildlife Week
2nd Week: National Dental
Hygiene Week
2nd Week: Ontario Coaches Week
2nd Week: World Homeopathy Awareness Week 
3rd Week: National Medical Laboratory Week
3rd Week: National Soil
Conservation Week
3rd Week: National Volunteer Week 
3rd Week: Screen-Free Week
4th Week: Arts and Culture Week
4th Week: National Organ Donor Awareness Week
4th Week: National Victims
of Crime Awareness Week
2: World Autism Day
7: World Health Day
17: National Law Day
17: International Hemophilia Day
22: Earth Day
23: World Book and Copyright Day 
24: World Meningitis Day
20-22: Global Youth Service Days
29: International Dance Day
Asian Heritage Month
National Asthma Awareness Month
Speech and Hearing Awareness Month
Blood Pressure Month
Car Care Month
Celiac Awareness Month
Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month
Community Living Month 
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month
Dignity Month
International Doula Month
Hemochromatosis Awareness Month
Huntington Disease Awareness Month
MedicAlert Month
MS Awareness Month 
Museum Month
National Physiotherapy Month
Red Shield Month
Sexual Abuse/Assault Prevention Month
Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month
Vision Health Month 
1st Week: Allergy Awareness Week
1st Week: Drinking Water Week
1st Week: Education Week
1st Week: Emergency Preparedness Week
1st Week: Hospice Palliative Care Week
1st Week: International Youth Week
1st Week: National Composting Awareness Week
1st Week: Spinal Health Week
1st Week: National Astronomy Week
1st Week: National Mental Health Week
1st Week: National Kids Day
2nd Week: Esophageal Cancer Awareness Week
2nd Week: Family Caregiver Week
2nd Week: Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Week
2nd Week: National Nursing Week
2nd Week: National Police Week
2nd Week: Naturopathic Medicine Week
2nd Week: North American Occupational Health and Safety Week
2nd Week: Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week
3rd Week:
Safe Boating Week
3rd Week: National Road Safety Week
3rd Week: National VON (Victorian Order of Nurses) Week
4th Week: National Access Awareness Week
4th Week: National Sun Awareness Week
4th Week: National Water Safety Week
4th Week: Aboriginal Awareness Week
1: World Asthma Day
3: World Press Freedom Day
5: International Day of the Midwife
8: International Thalassemia Day
8: World Red Cross Day
10: World Lupus Day
12: International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 
12: Canada Health Day 12: International Nurses Day
13: World Fair Trade Day
15: International Day of Families
23: World Book and Copyright Day
17: Interational Day Against Homophobia
18: International Museums Day
20: World Autoimmune Arthritis Day
21: World Day for Cultural Development
25: National Missing Children’s Day
25: World MS Day
28: National Multiple Births Awareness Day
31: World No-Tobacco Day
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