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| Updated: September 28, 2021 3 min read

This year’s BDC Small Business Week will be marked across Canada October 17-23, 2021. And to help you make the most of it, we’ve updated our annual list of ideas and small business giveaways.


Idea #1: Thank your customers

It sounds cliché, but it’s still 100% true: Without the customers that buy your products or services, your small business wouldn’t be in business. Small Business Week is the perfect time to:

  • Send a handwritten thank-you note to top customers.
  • Include a small business giveaway, like a pizza cutter, with every purchase.
  • Mail customers a Post Card with a discount valid during Small Business Week.
  • Create a thank-you video and share it on social media.


Idea #2: Mentor another entrepreneur

Pause for a moment and consider this question: What do I wish I had known when I started my business? Questions that might come to mind include:

  • How do I handle my taxes?
  • Where do I get customers?
  • Where’s the best place to network?

Seek out an entrepreneur who’s just getting started, and offer to meet with them and let them tap your knowledge. Come up with a “things I wish I knew” list and offer it to them in a binder, along with your contact information and a list of your favourite local vendors.


Idea #3: Ask for likes and shares

As you spend the week celebrating your company, ask your followers to give you a hand. On your social media pages:

  • Upload pictures of your staff and ask viewers to participate in a caption contest. Give away a small business promotional product, like a cooler, for your favourite entry.
  • Ask followers to share your page; then offer two high-end hoodies as raffle prizes: one for anyone who shares, and one for your new follower.
  • Put up a Q&A post and answer people’s questions about your business, products or services.


Idea #4: Partner with another business

Connecting with another business has the potential to create the best kind of business scenario—the win-win-win—with:

  • Your business getting discovered by their customers.
  • Their business getting discovered by your customers.
  • Customers getting a recommendation for related services they may already be on the hunt for.

Get creative with a themed small business promotional product. For example, if they sell boats and you sell fishing gear, leave some branded floating keychains in their store to share with customers.


Idea #5: Share an educational event

People love the opportunity to learn—especially when it comes at no cost. Share some of your company’s expertise with:

  • Webinars: Host a small educational talk or series of webinars and include a short Q&A. Send a pair of ear buds to every attendee.
  • Social media videos: Create a short video or video series and post to your social media platform(s).


Celebrate small business

BDC Small Business Week is the perfect time to celebrate every small business—especially yours. Take this opportunity to promote your company with small business giveaways and connect with customers, other businesses and people who are just getting started. You’ll be celebrating this holiday for years to come.

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