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Trade show: Landing pages
The purpose of a trade show is to generate leads. Company websites serve the same purpose. Why not marry the two for a slammin’ trade show strategy and create a landing page that drives online traffic at your trade show presence?Very simply, a landing page is Web page that appears in response to clicking on a search result or an online advertisement. Think of the Web address you might include in a social media update or in an email blast. The landing page is a continuation of the advertisement in that it generally contains sales-oriented content and a call-to-action. The objective is to turn that anonymous visitor into a sales lead.Visitors to a landing page promoting or aligned with your trade show can access it at their leisure, reference it throughout the show and revisit it afterwards to take advantage of special offers or information. Here’s where the beauty of a landing page comes in: You can track visitors to the page and measure the effectiveness of your trade show promotion. The key is the URL. By looking closely at the activity linked to the URL, you can analyze click-through and conversion rates to see just how well the advertising approach worked.

Landing page essentials
Think of your new landing page as a one-stop-shop to assist in your trade show efforts. They could be used to promote your presence at the show, attract attention during the show or capture leads following the show. Depending on your objectives, consider these questions when adding a landing page to your trade show promotional plan:

  • What are you trying to accomplish with the landing page? Build greater awareness? Capture information? Entice sales conversions?
  • If you are trying to gather customer information, how best can you do that without customers exiting?
  • What will the call-to-action be in order to turn them into customers?
  • What is the tie-in with your trade show to maintain consistency in your messaging?

Budget appropriately for the time needed to build (and test) your new landing page. Here are a few ideas about what could be included:

  • Compelling content. Tell your story, but be brief. What makes your company distinctive? Mobile users, because they’re literally on the go, don’t have time for long sentences and even longer paragraphs.
  • Powerful imagery. Consider strong design elements like graphics, photos and a few interactive features like a gallery or short video.
  • Social media feeds. Link your Facebook® and Twitter® presences to the landing page so visitors are able to follow the conversations on social media. Alternatively, ensure that updates to the landing page are shared on those social media pages.
  • Links to informative content. If your company produces white papers or sends out e-newsletters on a regular basis, populate the page with a handful of those helpful links.

Optimize your new trade show landing page for mobile devices … like the smart phones and tablets your visitors will likely have with them!

Captivating marketing, catching leads
Now that you’ve got an outstanding landing page, the next step is to drive traffic there. If you are using your landing page to assist your efforts on the trade show floor, consider these unique tips:

  • Incentivize it. One tried-and-true way to drive visitors to your landing page is to have an incentive ready. Think along the lines of a tech-savvy gifts like a media speaker stand or a digital picture frame & clock. Give them away by first giving away magnets with codes on the back. They’ll have to visit your new landing page to check to see if they have the winning code and you can collect their contact information!
  • Gamify it. Design your landing page to be a game visitors can play and compete at in your booth. Entry to play the game is a simple email address and the game score leaderboard is displayed for all to see. Hand out premium game sets like Poker, Dominoes or Cribbage to gamers who keep coming back to remain Number 1!
  • Demo it. Landing pages are another way to showcase your product or service. Create an interactive experience with your product for your booth visitors to experience. Hand out a themed- or technology-related giveaway, like computer screen cleaners, mouse pads or USB drives, that includes the landing page’s URL so your visitors can show your demo to others.

Finally, keep track of your landing page’s reach. You can do that by tracking traffic with the help of Google® Analytics or simply by tracking how many transactions stem from it. That’s the great thing about a trade show landing page—the trade show traffic just keeps coming back!

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