4imprint, LLC

| Updated: January 14, 2021

As temperatures drop and leaves change colour, cold and flu germs begin to multiply. Cold and flu season starts in fall and typically peaks in January and February. These infectious diseases are responsible for millions of missed work days each year. To help customers and employees fight seasonal bugs, provide them with health promotional items. 

Fight germs with promotional products

Start now to help keep sickness at bay. Promote your brand while killing germs with hand sanitizer. The Hand Sanitizer Spray or Credit Card Hand Sanitizer conveniently fit in a purse or pocket—making them perfect for people on the go. Leave easily accessible bottles of Hand Sanitizer available for regular use around the office.

Encourage rest and relaxation

People who are tired and stressed are more likely to get sick. Take care of customers and employees with promotional products that support a healthy lifestyle. Make sure employees get enough sleep while on business trips. The Rally Blanket makes it easy to nap midflight. Help them reduce stress and promote relaxation with Zen Lip Balm or Zen Essential Oil Roller Bottles.

Encourage getting a flu shot

Getting a flu vaccine each year is another way to reduce their chances of catching and spreading the virus. Reward those who get the flu vaccine with a small gift, such as a Syringe Highlighter or Syringe Pen.

Nurse them back to health

If sickness does strike, provide a health promotional product that helps people feel better. Soothe a sore throat with a gift basket of tea and a Tea Ball Glass Mug or T-Bag Silicone Reusable Tea Bag. Get everyone stocked up on tissues with the Tissue Cup. Give the relief they need while displaying your logo with the Head & Sinus Thermal Wrap.


Help everyone stay healthy this cold and flu season by arming them with the health promotional items needed to beat those nasty germs.