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Jungle Warfare: Using guerilla marketing tactics to build buzz

Jungle Warfare: Using guerilla marketing tactics to build buzz

At central-Indiana real estate company F.C. Tucker, the always-thinking realtor gets the customer. That’s why realtor Jeromy Graft keeps his eyes open to any possible marketing opportunity, in all situations.

“I’ll go to a restaurant and, after signing the bill slip, I’ll leave my business card and a logo’d pen for the waitress to keep and hopefully reuse,” said Graft. “My personal progress is up to me alone, so I try to boost my name recognition at every chance.”

The company’s agents have found success by harnessing non-traditional, guerilla marketing opportunities and building on the company’s reputation. By distributing small promotional gifts, such as logo’d Chip Clips or fun Sport Fliers at area events, this 4imprint customer has witnessed increased lead generation and a strengthening of community bonds.

Follow small business F.C. Tucker’s lead by throwing a few low-cost, high-buzz guerilla tactics into your marketing mix:

Get witty …
As defined on MarketingTerms.com, “Guerilla marketing is more about matching wits than matching budgets.” In the same way guerilla fighters use mobility and the element of surprise, guerilla marketers use unconventional, innovative tactics.

  • If you’re trying to draw attention to an event, company party or special promotion by increasing awareness, consider implementing a “guerilla gift” tactic. Pair a creative promotional item that’s relevant to your event’s theme with your invite to boost its buzz-factor. Hosting a luau? Distribute Tropical Flower Luggage Spotters. Maybe you’re planning a charity golf event? Wrap invites around a Golf Ball Sleeve to really make an impact!
  • Hit your target market with guerilla promotions at places they frequent, such as parks, pedestrian malls, sports arenas or popular stores. In fact, if the store complements your event, cause or industry, it may be a willing partner in your promotion! For example, maybe you’re offering a new spa special. Attach the promotion card to a Block File or an Aromatherapy Candle, and ask a nearby boutique to drop them in customer’s shopping bags upon checkout.
  • Using “street teams”—groups of people hired to execute an attention-grabbing promotion in a public place—can get the word out to a lot of people in a short period of time. Depending on your area, budget and promotion or event, your team size will vary. Just make sure that you have enough people in tow to make connections with passersby. Street teams are useful in handing out coupons, products or promotional items at venues with heavy traffic like local athletic events, plays, concerts, farmers’ markets or festivals.

… and stay cheap!
The best part about guerilla marketing’s definition is that it’s low-cost. Guerilla marketers are do-it-yourselfers who rely on creativity rather than expensive billboards or glossy magazine ads.

You know your target audience, the types of places they frequent and what they do for fun. Hone in on their preferences and interests well-enough, and a small promo item can go a long way. Picture this: Through research, you find that Lakeside Club ABC is the hangout for your most active customer base. So, you execute an “ambush” Happy Hour promotion that allows customers to try out your latest product or service for free. You’ll be keeping costs low by coming to them, at an already established “event” and venue, and you need just a few staff to pull it off. Throw in a few attention-grabbing yet economical prizes to boost awareness and drive further traffic to your business promotion like Bright T-Shirts or Flashing Buttons.

F.C. Tucker’s realtors take a similar approach, giving back to their communities by donating time and promotional gear to many local events, including festivals, parades and holiday happenings. At each event, realtors ensure that their personal name and the F.C. Tucker brand remain at the forefront by handing out small, inexpensive logo’d gifts to event-goers. Our outdoor event picks? Mini Travel Umbrellas, Colored Workout Towels and Sunglasses Retainers are the perfect fit.

Guerilla marketing is such an important part of the small business’s marketing mix, because it doesn’t take a thousand-dollar budget to get noticed. You just need time, energy and imagination. So, go on and get some attention without breaking the bank!

For more information and ideas about how you can harness the power of guerilla marketing, read our related Blue Paper®.

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