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According to a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the number-one challenge faced by human resources (HR) is retaining and rewarding the best employees. After all, turnover can cause a decrease in productivity and an agency’s bottom line. In fact, for all jobs earning less than $50,000 per year, the average cost of replacing an employee equates to 20 percent of that person’s annual salary.So why do people leave their jobs? And more importantly, what can the public sector do to retain those employees that it values most? According to a June 2014 study by BambooHR™, the number-two reason people leave their jobs is to seek a better work/life balance. What’s more, 23 percent of women and 13 percent of men stated that a non-flexible work environment was a straight-up deal breaker.One way employers can help provide employees with greater flexibility and a better work/life balance is to offer job sharing—where two employees cooperatively share one full-time job. This alternative work situation offers a slew of benefits to both employee and employer and can be a great option for staff wishing to work shorter hours as they approach retirement, start families or would otherwise consider leaving if a more flexible situation was not available. For more information on job sharing and its benefits, keep reading.

  • Double the talent: A job share has the ability to bring two sets of skills to one position, which can provide an additional boost in both talent and brain power. This can help with more efficient problem solving and an increased knowledge base as employees learn from each other’s strengths.
  • Double the coverage: Job-shared positions have the unique benefit of offering agencies coverage during vacations, sick leaves, training and more. Plus, if one person leaves a job-share position, there is at least part-time coverage remaining until a replacement can be hired.
  • Double the accountability: In any successful job-share position, partners must be accountable to one another. They must communicate well, set goals and measure achievements together. This can lead to an increase in accountability for the agency and those it serves.
  • Double the (or at least increased) job satisfaction: Finally, offering the option to job share can increase employee job satisfaction by enabling a better work/life balance and less stress. Satisfied employees are more likely to give back, too, in the form of motivation, productivity and a better attitude about work.

If you’ve decided job sharing is an option for your agency, don’t keep it a secret—this is one benefit to be promoted. Make it known within your agency a job-share position is available. Endorse this benefit in employee break rooms, lounges and training rooms. Hang banners imprinted with the benefits of job sharing, and promote on Table Tents that can be placed on lunch tables and in other public areas.

Promote this perk during external recruitment efforts, too. Job fairs and expos are the perfect place to rave about this benefit. Be sure you include an imprinted literature holder with literature outlining job sharing as one of the flexible benefits your agency offers employees. Promote it in graphics featured on your trade show display or even on notepads that you hand out to interested attendees.

Remember, job sharing can help recruit and retain top talent in your agency. It not only offers greater flexibility and job satisfaction to employees, but can also double the talent, double the coverage and double the accountability.

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