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Small Business News: Polling: Accelerate your small business start-up
If you feel that your small business is behind the times when it comes to technology, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent survey of small business owners conducted by Yodle® uncovered that more than half of small businesses don’t even have a website. Close to half are still using paper-based accounting systems. And only 25 percent are taking advantage of point-of-sale systems. This could equate to lots of lost opportunity, customers and revenue.If your small business is ready to get 0with the times and jump on board the technology bandwagon, this article may be for you. Keep reading for some helpful technology tips you can implement to simplify your life—and boost your business.

Technology to simplify your life
Technology can be very helpful when it comes to increasing efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Here are some common technology solutions available to help your small business:

  • Accounting software: If you’re one of the 52 percent of businesses still using paper-based accounting methods, you may want to consider accounting software. Good accounting software can save time and money. There are many desktop packages available to assist in bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and even financial planning. PCWorld® recently conducted a review of general, small business accounting packages and found that AccountEdge® Pro 2012, Intuit® QuickBooks® Premier 2012 and SageSM 50 Complete 2013 offer an array of comprehensive solutions fit for small businesses.
  • Point-of-sale (POS) systems: The majority of small businesses, 75 percent to be exact, are not taking advantage of point-of-sale technology. This can lead to lost customers and decreased sales. After all, the number of customers carrying cash is on the decline and many have completely abandoned cheques. POS is an easy way to drive sales and retain customers. You can even accept POS payments through your mobile phone with the help of a mobile card-reader. BusinessNewsDailyTM recently published a review of several mobile credit card processing services. The highest-rated services were praised for their ease of use, low start-up pricing and reasonable fees. Once you are set up, don’t forget to promote your new POS capabilities to customers and prospects alike. Reusable shopping bags, posters and banners are great ways to spread the word.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM): Only about one in three small businesses report using CRM technology. Some businesses are still tracking key customer details on index cards stored in recipe boxes. The value is still there, but the organization and efficiency is not. There is a variety of cost-efficient systems built with small businesses in mind, such as ContactMe or Zoho® CRM, which can help manage contacts, monitor revenue and track sales. Encourage customers to add their personal info to your customer contact list by holding a monthly drawing for a logo’d gift, such as a messenger bag or an iPad® sleeve, as incentive.

Remember, technology can be your best friend—especially when you find the perfect fit. Now may be the time to get up to date by implementing a new technological solution for your small business. You just might wonder how you ever got along without it.

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