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| Updated: March 17, 2021 3 min read

While patient care might sound like the domain for doctors and nurses, in truth it starts the moment a patient walks through the front door. Making patients feel comfortable and welcome in your waiting room, exam rooms and even hallways can improve the quality of their visit. It also allows you to demonstrate best-in-class quality of care. With these three tips and medical promotional items, you’ll be able to show patients top-notch care during every minute of their visit.


Welcome their arrival

Patients who are visiting your medical office for the first time may feel confused, scared or stressed—or a combination of all three. The good news is that your walls can help alleviate all these issues. Use picture frames to draw their attention to:

  • Memorable or entertaining directions for finding important rooms
  • Information about the medical personnel in your practice and their expertise
  • Artwork that catches attention


Take the stress out of waiting

You might be surprised to learn a recent survey showed 63% of patients think the most stressful part of going to the doctor is waiting to be seen. Offer patients a calm, comfortable environment and follow these tips to help make their wait more pleasant:


Examine your exam room

During their visit, there are a number of ways to make patients feel more engaged:

  • While computers are great for taking notes, they can also prevent patients and medical professionals from literally seeing eye-to-eye. Arrange the room for better eye contact. Or consider using tablets if possible.
  • Keep exam rooms stocked with information patients might find useful. For example, include medical promotional items, like bookmarks on blood pressure control or pocket sliders about weight management.
  • Consider exchanging a traditional exam table for a medical recliner, which can help improve eye contact and patient comfort.
  • Offering immediate comfort when they come into the room can make patients feel more at ease. For example, a healthcare promo item, such as a hot/cold pack, can help soothe aching joints and reduce swelling.


Patient care in every moment

An inviting environment puts patients at ease. These tips and medical promotional items will help you provide best-in-class care every moment the patient is in your office.