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Trade show: Interactive trade show exhibits
If you want results, booths need to go beyond a group of sales people handing out brochures and trinkets. After all, the reason for being there in the first place is to drive traffic to your booth, and in turn, meet potential sales leads. So, how do you stand out amongst the crowd and look interesting enough to draw an audience? The answer—interactive trade show exhibits.Interactive trade show exhibits have a dynamic dimension to them that draw attention to your company’s booth. The goal: To engage your audience by allowing them to actively participate with your company and its products and services. So, how do you incorporate an interactive element that provides a meaningful and relevant experience that sets you apart from the competition? Keep reading for some helpful tips.

Don’t just tell people about your product or service, show them. If your company sells tangible products … bring samples, even if it’s a boom truck. If it is a service your company offers, consider using iPads® complete with a mobile app that walks them through your customer experience.

Product/service demos provide visitors the chance to sample exactly what your company offers. To entice your audience to get close enough to conduct your demos, provide fun contests, games or winnings as an incentive to get them engaged with the product.

Bring your display to life

The use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can add a lively dimension to your booth or display. RFID technology uses a chip containing detailed information that when detected by a reader activates various effects. This technology can provide exhibitors instant access to a trade show attendee’s name, title, company, location and more if they are wearing an RFID-chipped badge. Use this valuable information to knock the socks off your visitors. Have a kiosk at the entrance to your booth that welcomes visitors by name and directs them to areas of interest within your booth. Better yet, if a visitor is a key client, your sales team can receive instant notification of their arrival so they can roll out the red carpet and provide some extra special attention.

RFID technology can also be used to add a personal touch to your client interactions. For instance, by using information on personal preferences from attendee profiles, a sales rep can gift custom giveaways for each individual—for  instance, chocolate cashews for a chocolate lover, golf balls for the golf enthusiast or even an apron for the avid chef. The possibilities are endless.

Interactive screens
Multi-touch screens are a great way to draw a crowd to your booth. This technology adds a 3D element to your content by allowing for more than your standard finger swipe or pinch-to-zoom motion. Rather, objects can be manipulated, turned and more. Multi-touch screens are a great place to display video, view documents and interact with 3D models of products or other relevant objects. Multi-touch screens turn your presentation into an experience people will remember.

Surface screens go one step further than multi-touch screens by adding a physical object to the display. The object is tagged with RFID technology and when placed on a surface table, it is computer-recognized and becomes interactive. Surface screens come to life and can follow the chipped object as it is moved, display content and more.

Go virtual
Complement your traditional trade show with a virtual one. When paired together, you not only give the impression that you’re cutting edge; you are provided with the opportunity to expand your reach and hopefully convert virtual attendees into face-to-face ones next time around. Engage your virtual audience with online chat—both with event staff and other face-to-face guests. Utilize social media outlets such as Twitter®, Facebook® and LinkedIn® to interact with virtual guests, stream conference videos and post links to virtual presentations. Don’t forget to send virtual attendees a little something to remember you by. Some giveaway ideas include a USB, a universal charger or a laptop cleansing cloth.

To sum it up, you need a unique attention grabber to stand out amongst the crowd. Put your hard-earned money to work for you at your next trade show and get interactive. Your sales team and your guests will thank you for it.

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