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| Updated: January 18, 2021

Attracting top talent is becoming more of a challenge for hiring managers. According to a recent study, 63 percent of recruiters say talent shortage is their biggest recruitment problem. From screening candidates to interviewing to making the offer, the average cost to hire a new employee is $4,129, according to the 2016 SHRM Human Capital Benchmarking report. And, with an average of five interviews per offer, hiring a mismatched candidate can become costly.

So, how can hiring managers recruit the best candidate for the job? It starts with the right job description. Read on to learn more.

Components of well-written job descriptions

For organizations that experience high turnover in certain departments, the position’s job description may be the problem. A recent study found that 61 percent of employees say the realities of their new job differ from expectations set during the interview process.

Spending time crafting the right job description will help mitigate this issue and make the rest of the hiring process easier. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing the ideal job description:

  • Update job descriptions to reflect your current organizational strategy and growing industry trends.
  • Seek input from managers who will be evaluating the position to ensure the job description is an accurate representation of what a potential candidate can expect from the job.
  • Write your job descriptions in a tone that reflects your organization’s brand. Employer branding plays a significant role in hiring talent, according to 80 percent of recruiters (see the LinkedIn article above).
  • Host training sessions with your hiring managers about the importance of updating job descriptions on a regular basis. Thank attendees with giveaways, like sticky note organizers.
  • Set reminders to review job descriptions on a regular basis. Hand out chalkboard memo board stickers managers can use to make notes about changes to job responsibilities between update sessions.

By taking the time to craft the ideal job descriptions, you can build a team that fits your organization’s strategy and culture. Good luck!


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