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Thanking a customer after a purchase can have powerful results that impact customer retention and your bottom line. When you learn effective ways to thank your customers, it can result in post-purchase gratification, which boosts customer satisfaction rates. Loyalty drives revenue, with most businesses typically seeing 20% of customers representing 80% of sales.

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That’s why we’re looking at a few creative customer appreciation gifts and strategies to help you thank customers in meaningful and creative ways.

Send a handwritten thank-you note
A handwritten note is a simple yet effective way to convey genuine thanks. Handwritten marketing has up to a 98 percent open rateHere are a few tips:

  • Use custom cards, postcards or stationery that represent your business. Do you own a pet supplies store? Include an irresistible dog image. Or keep things on track with an action-filled image for a sports equipment store.
  • Use your customer’s name. Double check the spelling to make sure you have it right.
  • Avoid red ink. The color red can come across as aggressive, so using black, blue or a fun-colored gel pen can send just the right message.
  • Don’t promote your product. Exclude coupons, business cards and big promotions. Put the focus on your gratitude instead.
Handwritten thank-you note with a logo.


Give a thoughtful appreciation gift

Who doesn’t like to be surprised with a thoughtful gift? It’s a fitting way to say thanks to your customers and build customer loyalty.

Need some customer appreciation gift ideas? You can surprise them with a beach ball or wireless speaker for a day at the pool. Make travel easier with a folding brush and mirror. Send fun in a box with a mini Smore’s kit or delight their taste buds with a chocolate gift set or bag of popcorn. Or keep it classy with a wine opener.

The possibilities are endless. Just remember to make the gift about the customer, not about your business.


Thank customers with a donation to a cause they care about

Doing good in honor of your customers is a powerful way to express appreciation. Some companies donate a percentage of their profits to charities. Take it a step further by giving directly to an organization that aligns with your customers’ values on an individual level. You can find out what’s important to your customers by looking on social media or simply asking.


Time it right

Whether you’re mailing a thank-you note, sending a gift or making a donation, timing counts. And that depends on your industry and type of business.

  • Send a thank-you note soon after a purchase so you’re still fresh in the customers’ minds when they receive it.
  • If your business offers a subscription service, consider a thank-you gift after the first month.
  • For an e-commerce company, sending a thank-you gift along with the customer’s first purchase can help encourage repeat business.


Your business will thank your “thank you” efforts

These ways to thank your customers can make a good impression and help you stand out as a company that cares. And that’s sure to pay off in a big way.

Key Takeaways

  • Handwritten notes convey a personalized, genuine form of appreciation.
  • Make thank-you gifts about the customer, not about your brand.
  • Customers appreciate donations that align with their values.
  • Time your thanks right.