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How to raise money with a timed giving campaign

Timed giving campaigns, also known as 24-hour giving campaigns or online giving days, are gaining steam here in the United States and around the world. These increasingly popular campaigns are helping nonprofits raise money, spread awareness and acquire new donors.An example is the success of #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving held the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. In just 24 hours, an estimated $45.68 million in donations was raised to support the various participating organizations. And Give Local America®, a similar springtime crowdfunding effort focused on local giving, brought in 375,000 donations totaling more than $68.5 million—all in a day’s work!

Enthusiasm and even competition surrounding these timed giving campaigns gets participants engaged and helps improve success. If your nonprofit is considering one of these campaigns, use some of these ideas to cash in on the excitement:

  • Make donating easy: Providing a simple and safe way for donors to give is a critical factor to success. Consider partnering with an established fundraising platform, such as Razoo® or Blackbaud®, to help manage your fundraising efforts.
  • Go social: Get as many supporters as you can by promoting the campaign via social media. Ask friends and followers to share your page and comment on why donors should support your cause. Reward those who do with a fun prize, like Ear Buds with a Hashtag Wrap or a thumbs up key tag.
  • Fuel a friendly competition: Participants, particularly those who are passionate about your organization, want to see it win and want to be an integral part of that win. Further your cause while recruiting votes and donations with gifts for supporters—logo’d apparel, such as T-shirts and baseball hats, are suitable choices. Or, consider a drawing for a grand prize, such as a Laguiloe® Wine Companion or MP4 player.
  • Nurture new relationships: Timed giving campaigns are a great way to acquire new donors, too. Although you want to acknowledge everyone who supported your cause with a personalized note of thanks, you may want to consider providing a little something extra for new donors. For example, consider a business card chocolate treat that says “Thank you” accompanied by information about your organization and an invite to follow it on social media.

When considering how to raise money, remember that timed giving campaigns can be a great way to also raise awareness. Follow these simple guidelines to find success with online giving days.

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