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If you’re wondering how to increase donations at your next live event, consider adding social media and online fundraising to the agenda.

Online fundraising continues to grow. Just last year, it increased 9.2 percent. Also on the rise is the number of social media users. By 2018, it is projected there will be 2.44 billion users worldwide. That’s 33 percent of the global population! This consistent growth of both online fundraising and social media use has led many nonprofits to take their live fundraisers online. Keep reading for tips on fundraising online.

Online fundraising tips

The majority of contributions received by nonprofits come from individual donors. In fact, individual donations make up 72 percent of the average nonprofits’ pie. Nonprofits looking to reach those generous individuals may consider using these online-fundraising tips before, during and after their live event to ensure the virtual fundraiser is a success:

  • Hashtags: Create an event-specific hashtag so your fans can follow your event and any communication relating to promotions, announcements and updates. Hashtags also provide a fast, easy way for people to contribute to the conversation surrounding your event. Imprint banners and table tents with your event-specific hashtag to promote live tweeting about the affair.
  • Turn to Facebook®: Develop a Facebook Page for your event and encourage followers to share it prior to the big day. Encourage both virtual and in-person attendees to use their Facebook mobile app to check in at your event. And encourage them to post photos, videos and comments during the event. Make sure they remember to use your hashtag by holding random prize draws during the event for those that use the hashtag to comment—a logo’d Wine Stopper and Opener Set or picnic basket makes a great prize.
  • Live stream: Live streaming brings your event to those who cannot attend in person. Plus, it can up your in-person attendance down the road. Thirty percent of people who attend an event via live stream attend the following year in person. Encourage attendance by promoting your live stream ahead of time—include a link on event invites, your website and social media pages.
  • Thank attendees (live and virtual): You’ll likely thank event attendees for coming to the event, and perhaps you’ll give them a gift. Don’t leave your virtual attendees out in the cold. At minimum, send a thank-you message to virtual supporters via your social media channels. If you can, mail a thank-you gift as an added touch—a logo’d wall calendar (any) is a thoughtful choice.

Next time you’re wondering how to increase donations, consider taking your live fundraiser online. These hybrid events can be an effective way to increase both attendance and donations.


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