4imprint, LLC

| Updated: August 29, 2022

About 67 percent of eligible voters participated in the last presidential election. And participation drops drastically for local elections. For example, in major U.S. cities, fewer than 15 percent of people vote for mayor.


With many people voting in new polling locations or voting by mail for the first time, getting people to vote will be more challenging than ever. We have some tips to encourage voters to cast their ballot. And we offer volunteer thank-you gifts to show appreciation to everyone who makes the process go smoothly.


When, where and how

Even when voters know an election is coming, there can be barriers to participation. Voting locations and voter ID rules sometimes change between election cycles, something people may or may not realize when they head to the polls. Or, if they will be casting their vote by mail, they will need to arrange to do so in advance. Help keep voters up-to-date by sending them a tri-fold postcard that reminds them of upcoming elections, polling locations, how to vote by mail and where to find more information. And post a banner outside polling places to help voters find their way on election day.


Post-voting swag

The “I Voted!” sticker first gained popularity in the United States in the 1980s to get people excited about voting. The goal was to remind people who hadn’t yet voted to head to the polls. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types available, you can offer voters bragging rights with voting swag like a round sticker or a flashier foil sticker.


Thank-you gifts

Election day brings a great deal of excitement as voters determine the course of government for the coming months and years. But the day can also be filled with questions and a need to adhere to changing voter laws. Thank your election day volunteers for their many hours of service with volunteer thank-you gifts, like a fleece blanket or an aluminum sport bottle.


The more voters, the better

Knowing how to encourage people to vote can help citizens cast their ballots and choose representatives that truly represent their needs. No matter who wins, more votes is a big win for everyone.