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As the year winds to a close, most people like to take some time to think about all the things they’re thankful for—and for business owners, employees are always high on the list. Staff recognition gifts are the perfect way to show gratitude while celebrating the holidays.

What’s more, appreciation is a gift to you as well as your team, with 93% of staff stating that if they feel valued it motivates them to do their best work, and 83% reporting that it makes them feel engaged.

To make picking the perfect staff gift even easier, we’re recommending five gift box ideas that can be stuffed with employee giveaways and easily handed out, shipped or picked up by staff.


Box 1: Work-from-home kit

Since the pandemic began, 4.7 million Canadians shifted from the office to working from home. And while some have gone back to the office, many are choosing to spend more time working remotely.


For your team members who have made remote work a way of life, share some staff gifts that will help make their life a little easier—and make them feel more connected. A desk organizer, pens, a laptop backpack, and a Webcam Cover and Video Light will help them look sharp while maintaining their privacy, whether your team is working at home or on the road.

If you’re looking for something to drum up the fun factor, include a Mini Drone or a light-up logo charging cable.


Box 2: Welcome back to the office gift

Even though some staff members are staying remote, about 80% of Canadians working from home have said they would like to return to some form of in-person work, even if that just means a day or two a week. For those making the commute again, it’s a great time to show them you appreciate seeing them in person.


A comfortable polo shirt and a tumbler to help keep their hot drink hot or cold drink cold can have them feeling comfortable and looking professional for in-office work. Include a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to help staff drown out ambient noise and stay focused


Box 3: Holiday party kit

With many companies choosing to hold a virtual holiday party so everyone can gather, regardless of where they live, putting together a holiday party kit is a great way to beef up your party game.


You can even create employee giveaway boxes for different types of virtual gatherings, depending on whether you’re hosting a short gathering for everyone to open their gift, a longer gathering that’s just for staff, or a family gathering where kids and significant others are encouraged to join in. You could send:

Box 4: Cool-weather gear gift box

Whether your staff works outdoors and could use some gear to keep them warm, or you just want to keep the chill off your team during the cold winter months, branded outerwear is something everyone can appreciate.

Warm their hearts when you fill a box with staff gifts, like a lined knit beanie, texting gloves and a knit scarf to keep Jack Frost from nipping.


If you want to include something extra special, a high-end jacket will help keep them warm on the outside—and provide warm thoughts of your brand.


Box 5: Cozy warm gift box

Of course, not everyone wants to be outside during the dreary winter months when they could be indoors, spending time with family or just curled up on the couch with a favourite movie or book.


A sherpa-backed blanket, coffee mugs with spoons, plus a hot chocolate bombs will set them up for a quiet afternoon with loved ones or alone. Throw in a new best-selling book or box-office hit movie to tie it all together.


Gratitude gifts make for a great holiday season

As the holiday season approaches, gratitude and staff recognition gifts go hand in hand. And with every staff giveaway kit, you’ll help ensure your employees feel merry and bright.