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Highlighting your logo at the next trade show

While the Internet gets the credit for coining the term “going viral” in regards to marketing efforts, the same concept can sometimes be applied offline with great results. For instance, by highlighting your business logo in just the right way, the trade show can be the perfect opportunity to spread your visibility exponentially among visitors…

  1. Share an infographic
    Infographics—or more formally, information graphics—are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly in often fun and colourful ways. This tool has been growing in popularity recently and has the great potential to be shared online and off. Work with your graphic designer to create a useful infographic that your customers will rave about, place your company’s logo prominently on this graphic and hand it out at your booth. Check out sites like DailyInfographic.com and Coolinfographics.com for inspiration.
  2. Sponsor slide decks
    Many trade shows and conventions have educational components to them, including seminars, product demonstrations and speaking engagements presented to trade show attendees. Obtain a list of presenters prior to the trade show and reach out to them via phone or e-mail. Propose helping them promote their engagement to your customers in exchange for product placement on their slide deck—a win-win situation for everyone involved.
  3. Never underestimate the power of a great tote bag
    Let’s face it—as a trade show goer, you accumulate a lot of stuff. Brochures and other literature, product samples, SWAG items, books and more. Bags are always a big hit for this reason; they serve a purpose. What better way to inundate the trade show floor with your logo than by placing it on a tote or plastic bag and gifting to trade show attendees just prior to the trade show? Check with organizers to distribute the bags ahead of time, such as welcome gifts upon registration or hotel check-in.
  4. Partner with food vendors
    Everybody’s got to eat and eating on the run during a trade show is not an uncommon sight. Call trade show organizers prior to an event and seek out contact information for food and beverage vendors. Ask to establish a sponsorship of some sort, similar to the slide deck idea above. You could supply napkins or napkin rings, java jackets, food trays, cocktail stirrers, appetizer picks and more with your logo, website and booth number on them in exchange for driving your booth traffic to their points of purchase or simply handing out their coupons.
  5. Offer prizes for pins
    Give away pins or stickers to everyone who stops at your booth. Explain to them, verbally or with a small handout, that you have spotters on the ground at the show. Staff members who “spot” trade show goers wearing your logo pin can win a prize like a wine glass set, a fleece jacket or a discount or coupon for your business’s products and services.
  6. Go guerilla
    Lastly, consider a few nontraditional means of helping your logo go viral. Pass out stickers or temporary tattoos with the logo on them or use temporary spray paint and sidewalk chalk to draw your logo on the grounds outside of the tradeshow location. Just remember to include a web address and a booth number—and ask permission before you write!

Sharing your logo with a viral mindset is a fast and fun way to boost visibility at a trade show. Grab your team and start brainstorming ideas to add to the list today!

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