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High Traffic: Tips for bringing visitors back to your websiteHeather
High traffic: Tips for bringing visitors back to your website

You’ve probably heard this before: Your website is an investment – One that, if nurtured and attended to diligently, can grow and produce results in the form of new customers, repeat customers and increased sales. One part of ensuring your organization is getting the most out of its web presence is focusing on your site’s visitors. Although “unique visitors” (new visitors who have never been to your website) are important, repeat visitors are also integral to boosting your bottom line.

Why? Because, as visitors return to your site over and over again, they become engaged with your company, its products and services, and its valuable content. The deeper that relationship becomes, the more likely they’ll develop into loyal customers and, hopefully, refer other customers your way.

If you’re interested in cultivating your website’s unique visitors and turning them into repeat visitors, read on. We’ve compiled an array of ways to capitalize on your already effective web presence and up its “sticky” factor!

Content is king
One way to repeatedly attract visitors to your website is by providing new, valuable content. Consistently updated content drives search engines to point to your site more often, among other key attraction benefits.

  • Turn to your customers for new content. Set up interactive elements on your website, such as the ability to comment on blog posts (or other articles/content of interest), chat rooms, polls/surveys, forums and discussion boards. Users will return to your site if the interaction factor is high, as they won’t want to miss a beat of new information.
  • Show your expertise by providing original content like articles, podcasts, e-books and online video to your customers. This will not only position you as an expert in your field but also as a dependable, trustworthy resource. Print the resource center’s URL onto a handy Computer Cleaner or Screen Sweep, and mail it out with your next direct mailing to enhance awareness!
  • Offer a prize to attract videos and other content created by customers (and maybe even score some press, too!). The Movie Network’s Superfan contest is an effective example of this, where viewers are invited to upload short videos illustrating why they’re the ultimate “Superfans” of The Movie Network programming, like Mamma Mia or Entourage. All submitted videos can be viewed and voted on online, luring repeat visitors who want to see the latest entries and who’s leading. The winner nabs a trip to a red carpet premiere.

Working your e-newsletter
Although snazzy design and relevant, fresh content can go a long way, drawing repeat site visitors is a multi-channel endeavor:

  • E-newsletters are an effective way of driving visitors to your site on a regular basis, over an extended period of time. Add an e-newsletter signup box to your website’s home page to collect e-mail addresses, then send an immediate follow-up confirmation e-mail once they’ve registered. Entice users to sign up for your e-newsletter by offering a product/service discount or giveaway. Our picks? Try something useful and techy like a Portable Electronics Case or a Micro-clip MP3 Player.
  • If your website has e-commerce capabilities, e-mail can also be a great reminder tool for registered users. Use it to remind users of items they may have left in their shopping cart upon site exit, or if an item is now available that was previously out of stock. Visitors will appreciate your personalized dedication to their shopping experience on your website.

Extra help
There are a few other little-known tips for getting users to visit your site more often:

  • Encourage visitors to bookmark your site with a callout button or image on the home page. By bookmarking your page, they can reach it with just a couple clicks. Not to mention, if they’re looking at other “favourites” in their list, they may pass your bookmark and click through to see what’s new – even if it wasn’t their initial intention!
  • Create a points-based rewards system for visitors who shop often on your site or visit regularly to view and download original content. For each level the user reaches, reward them with a creative, logo’d gift like an Apron, imprinted with “You’re really cookin’ now!” or a Star-topped Pen with the phrase “You’ve reached star status!”
  • If possible, be sure to keep tabs on your site’s analytics. Consistently track pages that are visited most often, and monitor visitor loyalty trending and depth of visit (how many pages “in” a user travels). This will help you in tweaking your communications and landing pages to achieve the best results.

Heightening repeat visits to your website not only boosts your ROI by translating views into sales, but it also means you’re reaching your customers on a level that truly connects with their needs and preferences. Reach them with relevancy, and you’re golden!

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