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| Updated: June 17, 2022

Time away from work has many benefits. It increases productivity, improves health and contributes to better wellbeing. Whether staff uses time away for professional development, lesson planning or just relaxation, the proverbial “reset” can have staff feeling refreshed, energized and ready for action.

Teachers and other school staff have unique schedules, without typical vacation days. So winter, spring and summer breaks offer much-needed time away from the classroom. Here are some ways staff can make the most of their time off.

Professional development

Although the requirements for continuing education differ from province to province, the average teacher spends two to four weeks per year on professional development. Many take advantage of the multitude of programming offered across the country during the summer months. Whether your educators attend spring seminars, winter workshops or summer sessions, continuous learning is priceless. Post development opportunities on your website to help staff find them easily. Also, consider sharing opportunities in staff emails and your internal newsletter. Help staff keep their seminar materials in order with a logo’d portfolio or tablet case.


The average teacher spends three weeks of their summer break preparing for the year ahead. Encourage staff to use time away from school to brainstorm and reflect on what worked well and what could be improved. Provide a teacher giveaway such as a logo’d monthly planner to help them plot the year ahead.


Taking a vacation has many advantages, including improved focus, increased productivity and healthier personal relationships. If an actual vacation isn’t in the cards, a staycation can offer many of the same benefits. Foster a culture that promotes taking time away. Invite staff to share their vacation plans. Enter those who do into a prize draw for a gift to help them enjoy their time off. A school logo’d beach towel and sunscreen in a logo’d tote or set of folding camping chairs make great raffle gift ideas for school staff.

Teach abroad

Do you have staff who want to take a vacation with the added benefit of a paycheck? There are a slew of resources available for teachers looking for opportunities to teach abroad.com is just one place to help those who are interested.


Whether taking a vacation, staycation or time for professional development, help your staff make the most of their time away from work with these tips and gift ideas for school staff.