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| Updated: September 30, 2020

Federal, provincial and local governments employ more than 3.3 million people in Canada. These staffers bring a wide array of skills and strengths to the table—some more crucial to the job than others. Whether you want to develop current employees or recruit new ones, you’ll want to look for skills all government employees can benefit from.

Government employee training can help instill these skills


Good listening: Good listening involves more than just hearing the other side of the conversation. It involves actively participating in it, also known as active listening. Active listening has three parts: paraphrasing, inquiry and acknowledgment. Listeners can demonstrate active listening by taking notes, asking questions and summarizing what they heard.

Practice active listening at your next training session with a simple “draw-what-you-hear exercise.” Pair employees and ask them to sit back-to-back. Give one employee an abstract drawing and the second employee a pencil and paper. The second employee must draw the picture using only verbal direction provided by the first employee. The exercise takes about three minutes—questions are allowed only during the final minute. End the exercise by discussing the effect that last minute of active listening had on the accuracy of the drawing. Add an element of fun with rewards for best duplications— multi-ink pens , microfibre screen cleaners) or MopTopper Stylus Pens are fun choices.

Stress management: Public sector jobs can be stressful. Teaching proper stress management can help employees relieve some of the pressure before it builds. Journalling, colouring or practicing deep breathing, yoga or meditation can provide effective stress relief. Several guided sessions can be found with a simple YouTube® search. Imprint URLs to your favourites on adult colouring books or journals and provide them to employees at your next government employee training.

Teamwork: Like other industries, many government job activities are team-based and interdepartmental, making teamwork and the ability to collaborate a necessity. Incorporate team-building into training with office trivia contests, “Minute to Win It” games or onsite scavenger hunts. These activities not only help build strong teams, but they can also be used as icebreakers during government employee training sessions. Prizes make everything more fun, so be sure to recognize winning teams with rewards, such as logo’d cell phone wallets or ear buds.

Open-mindedness: As the saying goes, “Minds are like parachutes; they only function when open.” Open mindedness is especially important in the public sector where employees work with teammates and community members from all walks of life. Being open to varying opinions, ideas and beliefs can benefit an employee and the work they perform. Tolerance and respect for others should be an integral part of training for government employees.

Problem-solving: Employees who bring solutions to the table­­—rather than problems—are a great asset. Create a culture where problem-solving is encouraged and even rewarded. You may want to hold brainstorming sessions that include identifying problem sources and exploring recommendations.

Whether you’re looking to improve your existing staff’s skills or onboard new team members, incorporating the good listening, stress management, teamwork, open-mindedness and problem-solving into training for government employees will set them (and you) up for long-term success.


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