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Government News: Employee suggestion programs: Innovate and improve your organization

Could the public sector learn a thing or two about program offerings from the private sector? Some government leaders seem to think so, as indicated by their adoption of corporate practices, such as market segmentation, geospatial mapping and customer analytics.Could these strategies help government agencies develop a more customized approach to serving its diverse customer base? One that seeks to gain a deeper understanding of those it serves in an effort to do away with the mass-commoditized, one-size-fits-all approach to government services?

The possibility certainly exists. It just takes a little research and an innovative approach to help agencies determine—then design—the right mix of services to meet their clients’ varied needs. Keep reading to find out more.

How to create customer-centric government offerings

Your agency and its services may be able to benefit from using data. From geospatial intelligence to big data, there are many opportunities to improve service, reduce waste and more. Here’s how:

  • Customer segmentation: Customer segmentation aims to group your agency’s clients by similar characteristics. Similarities could include demographics, programs used or outcomes achieved. Once you have your segments, you can examine a group’s overarching needs to better understand what types of services would benefit them.

Consider holding a focus group to touch base with segments about their strengths, weaknesses and so on, or conduct an online poll or phone interview. Whichever route you go, encourage people to participate with some sort of reward—a Roadside Auto Set, compact tool set or a set of BBQ tools makes a nice takeaway for your focus group members. And a Cell Phone Cleaning Cloth or jar opener can be easily popped in the mail as a token of thanks for participants in your online poll or phone interview. Once you’re armed with your newfound knowledge, you’re ready to customize your offerings.

  • Geospatial mapping: Geospatial mapping, or “hot spotting,” uses location data to reveal areas experiencing trends—for instance, neighbourhoods with high incidence of child abuse, housing complexes with disproportionate healthcare costs or intersections with a high number of traffic accidents. Mapping these areas can help start the conversation about why certain areas are experiencing disparities and what resources may be needed to curb them.
  • Predictive analytics: Predictive analytics extracts information from existing data to predict trends and behaviour patterns. This data can be used to forecast anything from emergency-services calls to traffic jams. And just as the corporate world uses these strategies to find the best locations for their stores, banks or restaurants, government can use them to determine the need for an extended bus route, a community centre or a clinic. For more information on predictive analytics, have a look at our Blue Paper.

Remember, a singular approach isn’t always best when it comes to programs and service offerings. Every constituent, neighbourhood and community is different. So it only makes sense to offer a more customer-centric approach to better serve your constituents.

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