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Applying for grants is a necessary part of the funding pie and a crazy workload every agency experiences. But, with ever-shrinking dollars available, if you’ve been awarded a grant, it’s worth raising a cheer and sharing the good news. Easily overlooked with hectic granting deadlines and project timetables, agencies often backburner their good news or shoot out the popular press release without taking the time to truly communicate the award and its intended impact.Include communication
In order to make the most of any grant, communication should be a critical line item in your grant budgetary request. Consider communication tactics that are not only timed at the point of award, but throughout the period of the grant, including its conclusion. From updates on your progress to the final impact of the grant, communication with your audiences and the community at-large brings greater relevance to your mission as well as awareness of the granting agency.

Announce your news
Once you’ve scored the necessary funds to help you move forward with your project, it’s time to let your audiences and community know. Do that two ways: online and offline. To start, update your website with the good news. Announce that you’ve got big plans, plans that’ll impact those you serve and the community somehow.

Complement your digital efforts with a little traditional outreach. In so doing, be sure to tell people what the project is, why you’re doing it, and how it will affect them. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Send colourful postcards to those you serve with the grant’s Web page address to encourage your audiences to learn more about you and the grant you were awarded.
  • Your agency sends mail correspondence to those you service as well as other business entities in the community. Use those communication channels to talk about your forthcoming project. Adhere imprinted Post-it® Notes with your grant announcement on the material inside.
  • If your agency is located in a high traffic area, consider hanging a banner or placing yard signs outside your agency announcing the grant. It’s far more affordable than a billboard and can be just as effective in your neighbourhood.
  • Chances are good, too, that you’ll reach a wide array of people with a traditional marketing medium like the radio, so strive for some air time with a brief public service announcement on a popular local radio station.

Tell them how it’s going
As the project gets underway and deadlines begin to loom, it’s important keep the communication channels open with your audiences and share the milestones your project has achieved. Most importantly, as the project begins to sunset, it’s time for your communication efforts to ramp up. Share with your audiences and the community the impact the grant dollars have made and bring greater awareness to your agency’s purpose.

  • Hang posters or place sandwich boards in your service areas noting the results of your grant and its impact. If thanking your audiences is appropriate, use this channel as a means.
  • Holiday greeting cards can serve a dual purpose: greetings and good news! If you’ve already budgeted to send a holiday message, include an update on your grant.
  • Embrace e-mail and send an “e-blast” or e-newsletter detailing your accomplishments and the grant’s assistance in reaching that success.

Communication is part of the key to a truly effective grant. Ensure you make the most of it by including it within your proposal and then follow through by sharing with your audiences. It will raise your agency’s awareness and give thanks to the granting agency that awarded you the dollars!

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