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Go interactive! Tips to harness the power of hands-on trade show activitiesWalking around the trade show floor can be an overwhelming activity for even the most seasoned show-goers. With bold displays and high-energy staffers at every turn, navigating the floor can be quite the task, let alone choosing where to spend your valuable time.

Although many elements of booth design and set-up can successfully draw in visitors, an interactive product/service demo or another hands-on activity can reel them in for an elongated stay. Provide a worthwhile activity that leaves them with a call-to-action, and you’ll surely amp up the memorable factor of your booth and organization!

Take a few of these tips into consideration for creating a stellar hands-on experience at your next trade show, leaving potential customers wanting more.

Keep logistics in mind!
Effectively laying out your booth, activity, signage and staff within your allotted show space is key to drawing in an impressive amount of leads:

  • Try setting aside an outside portion of your booth lot for the hands-on activity, as it may draw a large crowd that could potentially deter show-goers who are simply looking for information or conversation and not interactivity. Promote the activity with its own signage that can be seen from afar. Products like tall Retractable Banners or Indoor Sail Signs can get the job done.
  • Brief all booth staff ahead of time on the activity’s rules, timing and follow-up procedures. Have at least one staffer assigned solely to the booth activity to ensure a sufficient amount of energy is being directed toward assisting all customers. Outfit all staff with screened T-Shirts that include your company logo, booth number/location and an activity teaser like “Get your game on at Booth #48!” and have them periodically take turns walking around the show to build buzz and draw people in.

Stand out with creativity!
Regardless of your industry, hopefully you can find inspiration in a few of these inventive hands-on trade show ideas:

  • Have a tasty new food product? Or a revolutionary service? Sometimes, these things can sell themselves – with a little help from your talented booth staffers, of course! Consider holding periodic demonstrations of your newest product or service throughout the course of the show. Try to have multiple stations staffed with employees to keep people moving most efficiently, answer any questions and gather contact information of truly interested parties. If possible, let show-goers take home part of the demo as a reminder of your company and its product(s).
  • Go the sports game route with a simple twist. Rather than having a full-size basketball free-throw contest, set up a series of small hoops at different distances and reward baskets with prizes or discounts for products and services. Let shooters keep the logo’d Mini Basketball they play with, tucked into a Frosted Shopping Bag with other informational materials. Basketball could be easily switched up for a mini golf green or beanbag toss, depending on your audience’s age and preferences.
  • New and interesting (yet easy-to-use) technology can be a great attention grabber. Various companies can provide large, interactive touch-screens that can be useful in providing an informational, hands-on experience with minimal staff involvement. In creating your interactive presentation, be sure to provide numerous navigation options, varied content, quick and memorable information and a call to action like submitting an e-mail address, Twitter handle or social networking profile URL.
  • Many show-goers are looking for true business value from booths they visit, so taking a “minds on” rather than “hands on” route may be your best option to reach this type of audience. Periodically throughout the day, schedule a series of mini how-to “seminars” that address pertinent industry topics. Post these session topics and times on your website ahead of time, as well as on booth signage. After each session give attendees an imprinted Eco USB Flash Drive with all the session resources already uploaded for quick, after-show connection. Drive web traffic by uploading all documents and presentations to your site and printing the URL on useful tech giveaways like a Digital MP4 Player or USB Speaker/Hub.

Working an interactive activity into your trade show presentation can be a great way to reel in potential leads and create buzz around the floor. Seal the deal by making a solid connection, and you’ll be a step ahead of the crowd!

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