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Giveaways, when done right, can be a great way to drive traffic to your trade show booth—in fact, according to Incomm Center for Trade Show Research and Sales Training, trade show attendees are 52 percent more likely to visit your booth if you have an appealing promotional giveaway. But choosing a giveaway that appeals to your target audience isn’t always easy—enter the “4 P’s” of promotional products. Giveaways that are portable and that appeal to people, pets and passions stand a much better chance of staying out of the trash and making it home. For more information about the “4 P’s,” keep reading.“4 P’s” of promotional products
Choosing a great giveaway is no easy task. After all, you want to appeal to a variety of people, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of items to choose from; oh, and you have a budget to stick to as well! The “4 P’s” can help you make sure your product not only gets into the hands of your target audience … but that it makes it home, too.

  • Portable: Remember, many people are travelling to attend your trade show. Keep this in mind when choosing a giveaway. Items that are very fragile, bulky or prohibited on planes may not make a good giveaway. Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) regulations prohibit sharp objects, such as knives and scissors, tools and containers of liquid over 100 mL in carry-on bags. If choosing an item such as hand sanitizer for your giveaway, keep these restrictions in mind and choose a bottle that contains 100 mL or less. If you plan on giving away a restricted item, such as a multi-function tool, attach a note with a courtesy reminder that states, “This item is prohibited in carry-on baggage. Please remember to pack it in your checked luggage.” Or, better yet, offer an alternative option for those who won’t be checking any luggage.
  • People: Giveaways that appealto people’s children, spouses or significant others may stand a better chance of making it home. Try choosing items that double as gifts for kids, such as Nutty Putty or Light Up Yo-Yos—these items, as many parents may attest to, often are a big hit. Or how about something that makes it back to the kitchen, like an imprinted wine stopper or insulated bottle bag?
  • Pets: For those of us with pets in the family, we know what a special place they hold in our hearts. And when organizations are pet-friendly, we feel a special affinity toward them. Don’t forget about the four-legged family members—a gift for Fido, such as a logo’d, individually wrapped dog treat or a tennis ball, may help get you remembered and bring repeat business to your booth next year.
  • Passion: All too often we get hung up trying to pick a promotional item that fits within a booth theme—but what about playing to someone’s passion? For instance, each year, Shell Aviation® designs a poster to be handed out at AirVenture™, a convention for aviation enthusiasts. People line up for hours to receive this poster—many have it autographed by pilots. Providing something that connects with people’s passion, year after year, gets you repeat visitors next time.

Regardless of what item you choose to hand out at your next trade show, remember the “4 P’s” of promotional products. They can help you get your giveaway home.

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