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Fundraising ideas: A new approach to generate donations

Working for a nonprofit organization, you likely appreciate the expression “Every little bit counts.”Because in the world of fundraising, no gift is too small, right? Especially when we’re talking free money!There are numerous tools that help nonprofit organizations do just that—generate free money. And with a little time, research and dedication, you could start earning some additional funds today. Keep reading to find out more.Free fundraising tools for nonprofits

There are tools nonprofits can use to solicit free money for their organization. This e-newsletter will give you a quick summary of a few fund-generating sites as well as information on how sign up:

  • AmazonSmile: AmazonSmile is an Amazon.com® owned and operated website. It offers many of the same products, prices and shopping features as the Internet-based retailer, yet when customers shop with AmazonSmile, they can donate 0.5 percent of their purchase to the charitable organization of their choice—at no cost to the shopper or the nonprofit organization. Visit AmazonSmile to register. You’ll need to have your organization’s EIN number and bank account information handy to create your account. Donations are direct deposited each quarter.
  • iGive®: An online retailer, iGive donates a portion of every purchase to shoppers’ favorite charitable organizations. Nonprofits need not sign up in advance because shoppers simply name their favourite charitable organization and an email is generated, asking the organization to verify and confirm the information provided by the shopper.
    Checks are mailed to the nonprofit monthly—an average of three percent of purchases are donated.
  • Ziggedy®: This is an online shopping site that, when used, provides users with the opportunity to earn a free donation to their favorite charity. The site partners with more than 3,500 retailers, and in addition to providing free money to charities, it doubles as a place for shoppers to price shop, view deals and more. Nonprofits simply send an email to Ziggedy at support@ziggedy.com to get started. There is no charge to sign up or receive donations.

Remember, all the free fund generating sites in the world are only as good as the number of supporters who know about them. Be sure you’re including links and icons that direct people to these important sites on your website, social media and printed materials. When sending out mailers, event invites and annual reports, be sure to remind donors of this free and easy way to give a little more. Mousepad, Klip Notes or Computer Calendars make great mailable giveaways that serve as reminders about these easy-to-use moneymakers. Or generate some social media buzz by asking fans to commit to using at least one of these tools to support your cause. Thank those who take the pledge with a small token of gratitude—a reusable shopping tote or magnetic coupon clip makes a great choice.


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