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| Updated: September 30, 2020

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Using trade show metrics to gauge successHow to use Twitter polls

Are you in charge of content creation? Is brainstorming blog, article and white paper topics part of your job description? Have you hit a wall coming up with new and interesting subject matter that positions your organization as an industry leader? Don’t fret—attend a trade show!

Trade shows can be a great place to generate loads of content topics in a short amount of time. And, as a plus, it can be done all while generating leads, demonstrating products and making sales! So grab your notebook, hit the floor and tune in to these great sources for your next blog or article topic:

  • Attendees: Blogger Winston Chenery says trade shows “offer a unique opportunity to hear directly from your target demographic.” Listen closely to what problems they are trying to solve, any industry-specific terms they use, or up-and-coming trends they discuss. Also note customer feedback, in the form of praise or criticism.
  • Competitors: See what others are saying about the competition, and write about topics that position your organization as one that keeps pace with the competition. Or shop the competition’s booth to see what differentiates your company from theirs.
  • Presenters: Speakers and presenters are a wealth of industry-specific knowledge. Gain inspiration on upcoming technology and trends or new products or services. Or, write about the speaker and your experience at the show.

Now that you have inspiration for some potentially interesting topics, here’s how to get noticed for doing so.

  • Research: Plugging main topic ideas into a keyword tool, such as Google® Keyword Planner or Soovle®, can help you refine your topic. Depending on the tool, you can learn how many people search for a chosen topic, similar search terms and phrases used, what keywords perform best and how much competition is out there for each keyword (in other words, how likely is it that people will find your content among the masses).
  • Write: Remember, readers are looking for value from your content. Optimize keywords, but don’t force it.
    And most importantly, focus on writing good content. It’ll never steer you wrong.
  • Promote: Content promotion is an important, yet often overlooked step. Be sure your content is distributed far and wide. Post content on your website, email it to your prospect and client list, and share it on social media outlets. You can encourage engagement by posting with a question. For instance, ask “3D Printing: Will your organization partake in 2016?” Offer an incentive for those who do participate or offer feedback—perhaps with a prize drawing for a logo’d Bluetooth® speaker, selfie stick or stylus pen/flashlight/laser combo.

You may also want to look to other organizations to share your content. For instance, consider a trade organization or company that has a common interest in your product or service but is, of course, not a competitor. Getting those companies to link to your content is a great way to boost search engine optimization (SEO). A Business Card Chocolate Treat or thank-you tumbler is a great way to say thanks and cultivate a relationship at the same time.

Next time you’re experiencing writer’s block, look no further than a trade show. It can be a great place to fill your content calendar for months to come!

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