4imprint, LLC

| Updated: March 26, 2021

According to a survey performed by 4imprint®, 76% of companies attend trade shows to generate leads. But surprisingly, only 15% of businesses follow up on those leads. That leaves an enormous number of prospects who never get the chance to become customers. With the help of these four tools—and some memorable giveaways—you can connect with your leads and turn them into customers.


Capture client data

To follow up with clients, you have to be able to reach them. Google® Forms can help you capture all the data you need to get in touch with contacts once the show is over—or even moments after you first meet. Encourage people to share their contact information by offering a trade show giveaway. Give them this Fun Tote in exchange for their phone number or email address. Or enter them into a prize draw for a premium trade show giveaway, like this Koozie® Hydration Backpack.


Follow up in the right way, at the right time

Got a hot lead? Make sure to follow up as soon as possible. Want to nurture a lead that’s further down the sales pipeline? Schedule a follow-up email to go out a few days after the show using a tool like Boomerang for Gmail®. Encourage them to respond to your email with a tempting gift, like a speaker cooler.


Keep in touch

When it comes to sales, persistence pays off. In fact, 80% of prospects say no four times before finally saying yes. This makes following up a necessity. Schedule regular follow-up reminders on your calendar to help make the sale. You can also set a reminder for birthdays and special anniversaries. Then celebrate with a memorable giveaway, like a box of chocolate truffles.


Track your interactions

From that first meeting at a trade show to the moment your customer signs a new contract, tracking every interaction helps you build great relationships. A program like SalesLoft® can help you remember important details about products and services they’re interested in, their purchasing timeline and more. Keep track of their likes and dislikes in order to give them thoughtful gifts, too. For example, if they’ve got pets, give them these pet bowls with case and tickets to a pet expo.


Tools that make follow-up a breeze

Good follow-up turns leads into customers. With the help of these four tools and memorable giveaways, you’ll maintain the connections to help grow your business.