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Looking beyond the classic seating arrangement has several benefits for students and teachers. Flexible seating options can provide better physical health, improved collaborations and better focus, especially for students with ADD, ASD and ADHD as it allows them to increase sensory input while still keeping their attention on the task at hand. Allowing students to move easily and quickly get into pairs or small groups (without having to adjust desks) can also make the day go smoothly.


We’ve put together a list of seating arrangements and school promotional products that will set students up for success.


Keep things simple

As you start to introduce new seating arrangements, here are a few simple tips. First, have each student try a few different seating choices, so they can determine what works best for them. Have teachers and students discuss what options work and what the challenges of each will be. And finally, instead of replacing traditional desks with other options all at once, add a few new ideas each week or month to determine what works best for the space (and the students/teacher).


Select seating

Once you’ve decided to begin using flexible seating ideas, put some school promotional products in every classroom to help will find a workspace that helps them succeed. Here are some01 fun seating options:

  • Sturdy stools: A stool can help students sit up straighter and make it easier to follow conversations because they can easily turn to face a speaker during class discussions.
  • Floor mats: Many students enjoy the comfort of stretching out on the floor when reading or working on a tablet. A beach mat not only makes their space more comfortable, it can easily be moved to a new area if needed.
  • Exercise balls: Exercise balls can serve as a chair replacement at a traditional desk or be used on their own. Depending on the age of the students, teachers may need to set some ground rules, like having at least one foot on the ground at all times.
  • Low tables and cushions: For students who prefer to sit or kneel at a short table, seat cushions give them a way to stay comfortable while they work. To save funds, ask the community for donations or search thrift stores for sturdy coffee tables.
  • Standing desks: For students who need to move a lot, standing desks work well. Adding floor mats to the equation can make standing for long periods more comfortable.

More choices, more opportunity

Shaking up classrooms with flexible seating ideas doesn’t just make kids more comfortable, it also prepares them for their future workplaces. With every stool and floor mat, you’ll be helping students find the perfect way to learn.