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More than 1 billion people connect on Facebook each and every day. Facebook recently announced a new tool called “fundraisers” and is making improvements to its Donate button with the goal of helping nonprofits make better use of their social connections to generate support for, and spread awareness about, their cause.

This e-newsletter will offer a brief overview of the up-and-coming features of Facebook for nonprofits and provide ideas about how to use them.

Facebook fundraisers 101

The upcoming Facebook fundraisers pages, similar in format to event pages, are dedicated pages used to raise money for specific nonprofit campaigns. With this feature, nonprofits will be able to describe their campaign, collect donations directly from supporters and display progress toward their fundraising goal. The Donate button will now appear on nonprofits’ pages and posts, allowing users to contribute right from their news feeds without ever having to leave Facebook. Check out the ways you will be able to use Facebook fundraisers to connect with supporters and collect donations:

  • Build your campaign: The fundraisers tool provides dedicated pages for specific fundraising campaigns. Use this feature to tell your story, describe your campaign, gather support and collect donations. Users can simply click the Donate button to contribute. A progress bar is also included to display your campaign’s progress toward its goal.
  • Spread awareness: Encourage supporters to keep the conversation going. By simply clicking the share button, users can spread the word with their friends and followers. Motivate your social connections to share by offering contest entries to those who do—thank-you pens and travel tumblers make nice prizes.
  • Thank donors: Thank donors for their donation right from your fundraising page. Then go a step further with a handwritten note that outlines how the donation impacts your cause. Accompany your note with a small gift to show gratitude. Gifts can be tiered based on donation amount—perhaps a magnet or jar opener for smaller contributions and a set of tumblers for larger donations.

Although these features are still being tested, they may have the potential to take your fundraising efforts to the next level. Follow the link to find out more or request further information.


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