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Extending the useful life of your booth through videos
With each passing second, an hour of video is posted on YouTube™ —the Web’s second largest search engine. Putting that in perspective, that’s 86,400 hours of video each day or 31,449,600 hours each year. Conversely, 22.3 million Canadian Internet users watch at least one video per month, according to ComScore Canada, a leader in digital business analytics. The bottom line: There is an exciting opportunity to prolong the life of your trade show booth through this popular medium.Intrigued, but not quite sure what to include in your video? Think like an author and carefully craft your video with purpose: educate, persuade, inspire or entertain your audience. Consider what content will provide your video with usefulness, longevity and viral qualities.

Based on the Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle concept, start your video with why you attend the show or why you believe the trade show is relevant to your corporate vision. Relay experiences and highlights, sharing the buzz that revolves around the trade show; then, move in to how the viewer can be a part of that energy. This will engage the viewers on an emotional level. Interview attendees and encourage them to share a compelling and relatable story about something they learned that day. Finally, illustrate what your product or service can contribute to the viewer based on all the preceding commentary.

A marketing plan for the video will be crucial when introducing it to the vast quantity of online content. Here are a few tactics for the creation, distribution and promotion of your new marketing medium:

  • In your pre-show e-mails, invite people to stop by your booth with a story or an insight gained from the show. Entice them with a thank-you gift, such as red and white wine in a convenient two bottle bag
  • At the show, distribute an iPod® travel speaker with “Stay Tuned …” imprinted on it, along with a Web address or a QR code for your website or branded YouTube channel.
  • Aim to craft a message that truly portrays your corporate culture, bringing in props because-as the old adage says-the devil is in the details. For example, if your video conveys environmental friendliness, ensure the staff drinks from recycled tumblers to further reinforce make your message.
  • For orders placed at the show, write a handwritten thank-you note along with a novelty USB containing the video. This shows how the customer directly correlates to the message in the video, enhancing the relationship.
  • Utilize your current marketing channels to create a buzz around your video. Invite and respond to comments, allowing you to collect feedback and determine the effectiveness of the video. Utilize your e-mail distribution chain and your social media platforms to share the link to your video.
  • If the content was also crafted for sales presentations, put the video on CDs—allowing for ease of use depending on varying technology. After the presentation, you can leave a copy for the attendees in branded DVD cases.
  • Be aware that if your video goes viral, these could lead heighten awareness through media and/or advertising opportunities.

Videos are a logical tool to extend the life of your booth, an opportunity to perpetuate the momentum gained at the show. In the roughly five minutes it took you to read this eNews, YouTube had about 14 million views.  Obviously, this is a marketing trend worth your consideration.

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