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| Updated: January 13, 2021 3 min read

When you’re planning for a trade show, it’s easy to focus on your booth, giveaways and staff training. But don’t forget to plan for everything that happens off the trade show floor. Try these tips and trade show promotional items to make those off-floor times work for your team.


Early to bed or stay up late?

Studies show that exercise and proper sleep work together, with better sleep leading to a better workout, which in turn allows for deeper sleep. With that in mind, staff should get at least seven hours of sleep to improve memory and alertness—things they’ll need when wooing prospects on the trade show floor. Working out shouldn’t be a problem, considering all the time they’ll spend standing and walking around the trade show. An exercise kit with an exercise band and pedometer makes a great trade show giveaway for booth visitors looking for a way to grab a quick workout in their hotel room.


Yes or no to breakfast on the go?

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day. And when it comes to staying energized during a long day at a trade show, that’s definitely the case. For those eating on the go, trail mix offers many benefits. Keep packets of mixed nuts on your table as a trade show promotional item to offer a protein boost to staff members and visitors.


Explore the city or get some rest?

Trade shows frequently take place in large cities with lots of tourist opportunities. It can be tempting to try to make it to a famous monument or museum after a long day (or weekend) of trade show talk. But it’s probably better for staff not to take time off to play tourist, as it will cut into networking and rest time. There is an exception: If they have an opportunity to catch dinner with a client at a famous eatery or attend an event where other attendees are likely to be, they’ll likely benefit from the experience.


Off the floor, pitch no more?

After a long day of talking to potential customers, it can be tempting to get out of sales mode and relax. But those same people from the convention floor will likely be in restaurants and at the same hotel as your staff. That gives them more opportunities for further discussion.

It helps to have small, memorable trade show giveaways that they can keep on hand to give to customers wherever they’re found. A business card gum pack combines a fun gift with your contact information. You can also offer a keychain with a screwdriver and tape measure. It’s a compact item customers are sure to use.


Make the most of every minute

As you try to make the most of every trade show minute, these tips and trade show promotional items will ensure your staff is ready to make the most of every connection.