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Engagement through education
You don’t have to be a teacher to educate, but we certainly learn something—many things—from each other every day. Whether you are part of a local government agency, a health care professional or the leader of a nonprofit, education is an important part of your day-to-day operations.Think about it: Each day you talk to people—regular customers and prospective clients—all in an effort to engage them. Indeed, when it comes to our products and services, we’re all teachers. Well, what if you upped the ante? What if you made it a point to use education as a method to really engage your customer base?

Educational marketing matters
If you’re wondering what exactly engagement means, look at it this way: When you go to a professional football or baseball game, there’s probably a jumbotron on one or both ends of the stadium. What does it display? It’s not all about which athletes are playing offense or defense. That big screen is also used for trivia to engage the fans. How many people are at the game today? How many hot dogs have already been sold?

Just like football games would be lackluster without wild and crazy fans, your product or service—as amazing as it is—needs a solid and enthusiastic customer base to flourish. Because your customers are at the heart of what you do, refocus your efforts on them. Reach out with fun educational activities, because the more they know about your brand—the who, what, where, when, and why—the more likely they are to stay committed to it.

So, how do you use it?
Identify and dig out those rare gems of information with the capacity to move your audience. Take a step back and rack your brain … what are the not-so-well-known details about your industry or your company? What are some of the ways your existing customer base is using your product or service? Are there any especially moving stories worth sharing?

First, create a list of questions and answers, quick facts and book-worthy testimonials. Gather them in a special notebook and then further organize your list based on utility.

  • Quick facts, questions and answers are perfect for social media marketing via Facebook® and Twitter® or for a dry erase board behind your sales counter. You can offer a small-kind of trivia game for question-answer tidbits. Invite customers to participate during their purchase transaction and, if they answer correctly, you can reward them with a sweet treat.
  • Use an online medium like YouTube® to feature cool stories of your product in use or your service making a difference.
  • Feature testimonials on mailers and send them out to your client base.
  • Have you caught on to an emerging market trend worth spreading? Create a corporate research paper to teach your audience all about it.
  • Similarly, you could sponsor a webinar on the same topic. That way, you’re able to capture customer leads via email addresses of interested participants. The great thing about a webinar is that the reach is so much greater than customary mediums like brochures or mailers. With an online webinar, lead generation possibilities are endless. For those who sign up and take part in your webinar, offer a thank-you gift in return. In fact, the aforementioned research paper and a few corporate gifts would work well: Consider sending along a keychain or nice black ink pens.

With all of these outlets for your educational engagement, you’ll probably have to market your marketing to let your regular customers and prospective clients know about the new educational twist you’re taking. Between the Internet and other traditional mediums of communication, your customers will have multiple opportunities to learn about you and engage with your business!

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