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| Updated: October 27, 2021 3 min read

The term “trade show” sounds very grown-up. Subsequently, promotional toys may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider ways to achieve your business goals. And yet, one of the top reasons that people hold onto promotional products (PDF) is because they’re fun. Whether you’re trying to catch attention, keep people talking, or use cool prizes to build customer connections, fun promotional items will draw people to your booth. After all, everyone’s a kid at heart.


Attract attention

Before you can talk to people about your amazing product or service, you have to catch their eye. And with only 3 to 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention at a trade show, promotional toys can give you an edge. Toys like a flashing yo-yo or a robot droid can get people looking at—and stopping by—your booth.


Keep visitors at your booth

Once you’ve got someone’s attention, toys can provide an entertaining way to hold onto it—both immediately and long-term. For example, a mini football combined with an interactive booth game wall will get visitors chatting, playing and scoring big wins. When the game is over, send them home with a football of their own, imprinted with your contact details, so they can easily find you when they need your products or services.


Expand your reach

When you want to provide long-term reminders of your brand, offer toys that are designed to be played with again and again. The classic mini memory game is the kind of item customers will want to keep on their desk for a quick brain break. And a maze pen is both fun and useful, which means they’ll have a reason to keep it close at hand.


Provide cool prizes

While the term “toy” might sound like child’s play, the truth is that most grown-ups own a gadget or two that they consider their favourite toy. Maybe it’s their smartphone—or perhaps their video game system. A mini drone makes a fun promotional item for prize draws. Give one away when you’re collecting business cards, asking people to sign up for your mailing list, or encouraging them to attend a seminar or product demonstration.


Fun is the name of the game

A shared smile helps you make connections on the trade show floor. Promotional toys can help keep that smile on their face even longer. Use these toys as a fun way to draw people to your booth and keep your brand on their mind long after the show.