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| Updated: June 30, 2023 4 min read

Closing a sale is both challenging and rewarding. Each sales call, in-person meeting and visitor to your tradeshow booth is an opportunity. But while it’s fun to establish rapport, closing the deal can be tough. Consider that 80% of prospects say “no” four times before they say “yes”. Help your employees keep the conversation moving and stand out from the competition with these tips and promotional giveaways.

Get specific

Every person your sales reps interact with has specific goals they’re trying to achieve. While many customers have similar needs, each one is unique and should be treated as such. Train your sales reps to get to know each prospect they encounter. The best way to do that? Ask a ton of questions. The Q and A session will make your meeting more memorable and shows the prospective customer your company cares about what they need.

Discover the decision-maker

Sometimes the person your sales reps are speaking to isn’t the person who will make the final decision. The prospect is looking to narrow down their options so they can present the best ones to the decision-maker (or makers). Find out ahead of time if that’s the case. Then have sales rep do some research so they can personalize their message for the person in charge—even if that person isn’t at the meeting. Sales gifts for prospects are ideal for these meetings. A calendar with vinyl pad or a vacuum travel tumbler will remind them that your company is there to help.

Create special deals

Creating a special deal, like a limited low-price offer or a bonus gift for early purchase, can turn a no into a yes. It can also introduce a sense of urgency if the deal is truly special and available for a limited time. Sweetening your offer can help the customer feel valued and create a favorable experience. And that’s a good thing as 73% of people say their brand experience is an important factor when deciding to purchase. You could also offer a free gift, like a wheeled laptop bag, to the first dozen customers to make a purchase.

Know the competition

Is there something you offer that your competitors don’t? That can be a huge selling point. Have your sales team to do extensive competitor research so they know what to point out to customers. Reps may even discover opportunities to enhance your offer. Creative giveaways can make your offer stand out. Send a note saying ‘time to get a deal!’ with a stainless steel watch. Or send a versatile pocket tote or even an ice scraper to leave a memorable impression.

Prepare for objections

If you have chat logs, recorded sales calls or access to past interactions, have your sales team review them before meeting with prospective clients. There may be a gold mine of information related to top objections, questions and concerns people have while considering your product/service. If that information is unavailable, sales reps can conduct customer research so they can anticipate the most common objections. This could be anything from asking current clients why they ultimately chose you to searching online for reviews people left about similar products/services. Being prepared for possible hesitations can lead to smoother sales calls and meetings.

Easily close more sales

With ideas like understanding the decision-maker (even if it’s not the person your rep is speaking to), and knowing how to stand out from the competition and preparing for objections, your company will be closing more sales than ever before.