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I have come across a few articles recently on govexec.com, regarding the federal government’s initiative to increase wellness among its employees.  Many organizations are beginning to add wellness programs of some type into their culture, as there are many options and benefits to both the employers and employees.

A wellness program can include anything that improves employee’s physical or emotional health.  Offering incentives for attending fitness classes, smoking cessation, and weight loss programs provide opportunities for staff to improve their health. Making an onsite nurse available makes it convenient and cost-effective for employees to take care of health issues.

To improve emotional well-being, offering non-work related classes can be a much needed way to relieve stress.  Cooking, parenting, and crafting classes offered on the lunch hour can be an effective creative outlet.  Or present opportunities for telecommuting, to allow employees some flexibility with family and sick time.

The benefits for the organization include reduced healthcare costs, less employee sick time, and more productive and creative employees.  Staff can benefit from more work-life balance, feeling better, fewer health problems, and less stress.  These programs can be a critical asset when recruiting, hiring, or retaining employees.

Do your currently have a wellness initiative in place?  Or are you planning one for your agency?  If so, feel free to share your ideas and any impacts you’ve seen.  There are opportunities that can benefit all of us.

For additional information on what wellness can do for your agency, read 4imprint’s new Blue Paper on Employee Diet and Productivity.

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