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Employee loyalty: Making it yours
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Your company or organization’s success relies heavily on your employees. Without them, reaching business goals, growing your company or accomplishing your mission hardly seems possible. So, how do you foster employee loyalty in a way that shows your appreciation for all that they do?According to research, there are four distinct areas that drive employee loyalty across most industries:

  • Helpfulness—employees need to know that they are needed and feel like their work makes a difference internally and externally.
  • Confidence and accomplishment—employees need confidence boosts now and then. When they are told that they are good at what they do or praised for an overall job well done, they are more encouraged to continue to give their all.
  • Acceptance—there is an innate human need to feel accepted by others. The work place is not excluded.
  • Respect—employees wish to be treated professionally as peers. Meaning their time is valued, their hard work is rewarded, criticism of their work comes in constructive variety, and they are listened to.

Keeping these four key areas in mind, explore fun tactics that your business or organization can put into place while developing an employee loyalty program. A few ideas on where to begin:

  • Recognize employees
    Whether an employee went out of his or her way to close the sale or was regaled by a customer for outstanding service, take the time to publicly recognize these employees who clearly love what they do. Thank them for their outstanding efforts in staff meetings or post a note on the company intranet. Take it one step further by offering gifts of recognition like a handsome Desktop Clock or the smooth-writing European Pen and Box Set.
  • Boost morale with events
    Host events that encourage employee interaction and bonding. Take one day a month to order pizza or subs for the team and enjoy good conversation over a yummy treat. Take it on the road: Sponsor field trips to museums or new businesses to provide inspiration or insight while allowing for employees to interact outside of the work place. Alternately, some businesses regularly host yearly picnics or parties to celebrate and give recognition to teams or departments as a whole. For these big events, souvenirs like a super-soft Roll-Up Picnic Blanket or a comfy and practical Twill Visor are always appreciated.
  • Give back to the community
    Help your teams or departments feel helpful beyond their day-to-day work. Set aside a day or two a year to help the community as a business. Volunteer at special events or organize teams for charity marathons. Stand out from the crowd with bright branded Long Sleeve Tees. If it’s not possible to pull together as a team, encourage employees to be active through volunteerism by offering prizes like a Gardening Apron Tool Set or an 18-can Rolling Cooler for the most volunteer time clocked or the most money raised throughout the year.
  • Encourage respect through retreats Teambuilding days are the perfect way to help employees gain knowledge of each other’s roles and respect for their efforts. Find teambuilding activities that showcase the importance of trust and team work in all business efforts. At the end of these retreats, give away mementos that staff can display in their work area to remind them of the day throughout the year, like a Magnetic Sculpture of People building something together or a branded Magnet with inspiring words.
  • Provide tangible benefits and goals to work towards
    Prime parking spots reserved for top performers, flexibility in the hours spent at work or the location of work, and bonuses based on work quality, effort or time spent working at the company are all popular ways many businesses choose to inspire employee loyalty. Work with your HR department and management to make it happen!

Regardless of the tactic your business or organization explores, take the time to thank your employees for a job well done and for choosing to work with and for you. Loyal employees grow with a business and are key to your success – make sure they know it!

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