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As children, food is often introduced as a means to motivate us to learn new behaviours. By the time we reach adulthood, many of us subconsciously relate food with pleasure or instant gratification. It’s no surprise then that meetings, parties and other gatherings often openly promote food and beverage as a way to entice attendance.Why not consider using the same tactic at the next trade show?

  • Draw people into your booth by tying in food with your business’s trade show strategies. In your booth, offer small slices of cake next to a banner emblazoned with the phrase “We take the cake!” and your business’s logo. Or, use props like this picnic blanket and signs that declare “Business with us is a picinic!” Then, enter all those who sign up for your e-mail list into a drawing for the props at the close of the show.
  • Consider partnering with onsite food vendors to offer incentives for trade show goers as a booth traffic-driver. Either hand out coupons for a discounted treat or offer your own discount to those stopping by with a proof of purchase.
  • Offer coupons to local restaurants and coffee shops to booth visitors. Be sure to mention this kind of incentive in all pre-trade show direct mailings and through social media promotions in order to drive traffic your way.
  • Engage booth visitors with trivia games or games of luck, like Mini Plinko or Toss and Win, and reward winners with food-themed prizes, like a gourmet coffee pouch or a cookie gift box.
  • Branded snacks like Goldfish® Crackers or individually wrapped cookies are perfect for satiating booth-goer hunger as they pass by. The goodwill associated with softening visitors’ hunger pains during a long day on the trade show floor is priceless.
  • Sponsor a post-trade show happy hour or cocktail gathering at a local eatery, boosting the opportunity to network with attendees in a more casual setting while building relationships with local businesses to tap into for future visits. This is another great way to tie in your business’s social media efforts by touting these events as Tweetups and offering prizes for check-ins on Foursquare™—which will, by the way, help in boosting visibility of your presence among attendees.

These are surefire ways to entice trade show goers to take note of your business’s trade show presence. Lure them with food, strike up a meaningful conversation and be sure to follow up after the show for optimal results.

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