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Roughly 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement age every day. And countless other Americans leave their careers to pursue opportunities elsewhere. As high-level staff members depart from their jobs, they take with them historical knowledge, experience and familiarity with company processes and procedures.

Companies are no longer waiting for the ideal candidate or naming single individuals to take over these high-level positions. Rather, organizations are turning to talent pools, described as “a network of qualified candidates, employees and alumni who are actively interested in your organization, and with whom you engage in productive two-way communication over time to build a deep bench, develop a robust talent pipeline and groom internal staff for new opportunities.” In other words, it’s a pool of potential staffers primed and prepared to supersede their predecessors and fill new roles.

Proactive organizations that want to stay on top of the need for qualified employees may want to build their own talent pool. Consider these tips to fill your pool with qualified candidates:

  • Define your pool: An assessment of needs—both current and future—helps assure your talent pool is swimming with the competent applicants it needs. Start by evaluating your current high performers to determine which skills they bring to the table. This information can be used in two ways: to match individuals already qualified for potential positions and to cross-train those who don’t yet have the aptitude.
  • Incorporate external applicants: A great way to deepen your talent pool is by expanding it to external applicants as well. Potential candidates who have expressed interest in working for your company or have already completed the interview process should be kept in your talent pool for a later date—they may be the perfect fit for a future opening.
  • Promote interaction: Talent pools require time and continuous interaction. Provide job seekers and aspiring associates the opportunity to learn, interact and collaborate, and they’ll be more likely to stick around for the long haul. Share educational content, company news and information on career advancements. You may even want to hold contests that encourage members to contribute their own sharable content. Reward those who do with entry into a prize drawing for a Tablet Keyboard Padfolio or logo’d iPad® messenger bag.
  • Segment: Segment your talent pool into groups—based on interest, profession or skills—so you can specifically target the right talent for the right job. You may even want to provide specific groups with a free webinar or VIP access to an educational seminar. Send a complimentary notebook with stylus after registration to show you value their interest. Plus, it doubles as a great place to jot notes.
  • Promote: Your internal platforms, such as a company career page or community page, are great places to post your organization’s talent needs. Facebook®, LinkedIn® and Twitter® can help you extend your talent pool to external candidates, too. Encourage team members to share posts; then reward them. For instance, “Know a great project manager with a flair for detail? Share this post for a chance to win a pair of Bluetooth® headphones or a wireless speaker.”

Your talent pool can be as deep as you choose. Follow these tips and it will be filled to the brim with candidates who are ready, willing and able to get the job done.

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