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Deliveries done right
When a blizzard threatened to delay a delivery by LA-based Now Courier, the driver commandeered a snowmobile to get through the snowy mountain pass his truck was trapped on. To say that delivery went “above and beyond” is a true statement. The recipient probably still relies on Now Courier to transport urgent packages because of that one personal gesture.There are other ways (beyond showing up on a snowmobile) to ensure a memorable delivery that earns customer loyalty. (Even though we especially love that story as we can relate to blizzards and being trapped in the snow.)

It’s easy: Make it personal.

The promise of personal business
Delivery may be the mainstay of your small business, but every business is first and foremost built on personal relationships. You build those relationships by talking about life outside your business and the things that matter to your customers, which show that “you’re human” and care, according to one Fast Company® article.

Add personal touch
Your delivery service provides a unique opportunity to develop your customer relationships. All it takes is one or two personal touches. For example:

  • If one of your clients indicates that they will be using their order as a gift to someone else, you could always provide them with a gift bag.
  • After a few consecutive months of calls or orders from the same customer, include a personal “Thanks for your business” card. It can be just the card or it can include a personal note from you, too; handwritten notes are very thoughtful.
  • If some of your orders come from the Internet, offer customers an electronic coupon for 15 percent off their next purchase. Or, alternatively, the coupon could be immediately redeemable for a promotional product of their choice—maybe a coffee cup insulator, a bumper sticker or an elegant keychain.
  • You could put some candy in with a delivery, too. Nothing extravagant, just a few flavour burst candies or jelly beans. It might be a very welcome gift for someone who has been very busy. You can leave them with the candy to “sweeten their day.”

A few personal flourishes are great, but the other part and parcel of growing your relationship with your customers is making time for them. Sound simple? It is.

Don’t be afraid to be personal
Unless you or the client is against a formidable deadline, use the face time to talk with them at the time of the delivery. Talk about their business and, as you get to know each customer better, talk about their family or hobbies, too. Pretty soon, your personal interactions with returning clients will become more joyful and more meaningful.

It won’t be long until all those little things, those little delivery gestures and personal touches, will help turn your business into a big thing.
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