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In this Issue: Crowdsourcing content as part of your content marketing strategy

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Trade show planning and promotion can be a large expenditure. In fact, business-to-business (B2B) exhibitions account for close to 40 percent of B2B marketing budgets. This is the largest amount of any other marketing channel expenditure and it’s not projected to decrease any time soon. As you know, one vital component of any marketing strategy or promotion is content marketing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if in the process of planning your next show, you could save both time and money and still have great content for your exhibit or expo? This e-newsletter discusses how you can do that by crowdsourcing content, or in other words, use content that’s already been written for or about your event to promote your show. After all, experts at Crowdsource® tell us that crowdsourced content is more likely to encourage participation, be more inclusive of your targeted audience and deliver a stronger, more interesting message to your customers. Keep reading to find out more. Content is king

Content marketing, or any marketing effort that involves the creation, distribution or sharing of content, can do many things for your organization. It can establish your business as a thought-leader, earning your organization a reputation for being credible and trustworthy. It can boost your Web presence, in turn improving your search engine optimization. And it can position your organization’s writers as trustworthy sources for industry tips and technical know-how which may result in leads that are more sales-ready.

Sounds like a worthwhile investment, right? It gets better. Drum roll please…great content can be achieved, for less time and money, through crowdsourcing! It’s as easy as one, two, three—here’s how:

  • Leverage social media: Social media is a great outlet to post and share a wealth of content to promote your show. Search hashtags (#) to find out who is talking about the show and then join the conversation to further share information and promote your presence. Engaging followers with retweets or sharing can enable you to spread the word without having to create original content. These efforts can be made before, during and after the event. For instance, prior to the show, consider sharing what’s posted on the event’s Facebook® page on your own Facebook page. During and after the show, you can retweet the positive comments and testimonials from fans of the show, or better yet, your booth.
  • Hold contests: Contests can be a great way to engage your audience and prompt them to generate original content. A little incentive can go a long way in encouraging attendees to share images, videos, posts and the like. Perhaps hold a contest prior to the show where participants enter by voting what products they would like to see your company showcase. Better yet, they could submit a photo or video of themselves using your products during the show. Or, hold a prize draw during or directly after the show that rewards the most tweets of the night. Prizes could include a power bank or Bluetooth® keyboard or speakers. The result: happy, engaged customers and more content to promote your company at the show.
  • Reach out to influencers: Look to the attendee list ahead of time to discover which bloggers or social media influencers will be attending the show. Reach out to these people prior to the event and offer them something of value as an incentive to come check you out (and hopefully write about you). Perhaps you could offer an exclusive interview with a keynote or a sneak peek at an unreleased product line. Once you get your influencers there, make sure you treat them well. Offer to buy lunch and afterwards, provide a nice thank you for their time, such as a logo’d messenger bag or leather writing pad. Hopefully this gets them thinking (and writing) about you more after the show, too.

Remember, when it comes to marketing, content is king regardless of the size of your marketing budget. Give crowdsourcing for content a try—you just may be pleasantly surprised.

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