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| Updated: September 30, 2020

Previously reserved for television, the second screen experience, or use of a mobile device to enhance the viewing of other content, is a rising trend at trade shows and expos. According to David Saef, executive vice president of global event marketing company, MarketWorks, it’s a “noninvasive but highly effective way to take your (trade show exhibit) to the next level.” And socialtables® blogger Ben Nesvig says the second screen offers an “exciting opportunity to provide attendees with an even better experience.”
Embracing the second screen can increase interaction with target audiences, extend your reach long after the trade show is over and provide information you can use to make improvements in real time. Here’s how:

Three ways to embrace the second screen

  • Engage your audience: Engage attendees and solicit their input by pushing polls or surveys relating to your service or product demos. Find out if you’re delivering what customers want, display results in real time and make changes as you go—all benefits of the second screen. Remember to incent participation by offering a free gift—smartphone wallets, media loungers and combo stylus pen/screen cleaners make nice choices.
  • Increase social media interaction: Social media contests provide another engaging second screen experience. Ask audience members to upload photos of themselves at the show, live stream or tweet using your hashtag. Enter participants into a prize drawing for a folding Bluetooth® keyboard with travel case or USB/pen combo.
  • Extend your efforts: Will your role at the trade show or expo involve speaking? Cash in on the second screen experience by pushing slides and notes to audience members. They’ll appreciate having these to reference both during your presentation and after, should they want to share with fellow teammates.

Transform your next trade show with a second screen experience. A more memorable and engaging encounter is in store.


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