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| Updated: October 26, 2022 4 min read

It’s that time of year again. BDC Small Business Week is October 16 to 22, 2022, and we have fun ways to help celebrate your business as well as other small enterprises and the important role they play in the community. Keep reading for fun ideas plus the best small business giveaways to spread some cheer while showing off your brand.

Thank your community

Data suggests more than 97% of businesses in Canada are small-to-medium sized, which shows the importance of community ties. BDC Small Business Week is a chance to celebrate the connections that make your success possible. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, consider running a promotion where customers receive a freebie, like a bumper sticker or tech tattoos that display your logo, just for swinging by your shop. Customers will feel appreciated and your business will benefit from more foot traffic. For e-commerce businesses, cheerful small business promotional products, like a hand clapper or rally pom-pom, can be thrown in with a customer’s order.


Host an event

No week-long celebration is complete without an event. A casual lunch or professional dinner for entrepreneurs in your area is a great way to bring everyone together. Thank attendees with a weekly planner.


Or partner with other companies to organize a small business fair in a park or downtown area. You’ll love the exposure and customers will enjoy learning more about local companies. Each business can outfit a table with a selection of merchandise for sale or event promotional products, such as magnets or wristband hair-ties. This is a great opportunity to draw in new customers. Have plenty of literature on hand to let people know what you do. Offering a special discount coupon for future purchases is a great way to draw new business and reward existing customers.


Share the love

There are plenty of options to commemorate BDC Small Business Week online too. Share the love by tagging other local small businesses in your company’s social media posts. Your peers will appreciate the recognition and their followers might be interested in knowing more about your company. If your city has a “Best Of” awards program, nominate innovative entrepreneurs that you think deserve some accolades. Don’t forget that you can also apply for your business to get recognized too.


Invest in your team

Your staff is a huge part of your business, and BDC Small Business Week is a great opportunity to show your team how thankful you are. Hold a staff party and awards ceremony. Encourage everyone to nominate their colleagues for a variety of awards in both silly and serious categories, and then present winners with an award or gift basket. Give every attendee a lapel pin and the chance to invest in themselves. Provide free development seminars to help your team brush up on skills they’d like to hone.


Toast the occasion with small business giveaways

BDC Small Business Week is a great chance to invest in your team, your customers and your community. Coupling these celebratory ideas with small business promotional products is the perfect way to drive your message home