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| Updated: January 06, 2021

May 5-9, 2014, is Teacher Appreciation Week, an opportunity to say “Thank You” to teachers, staff, and volunteers for the amazing work they do all year long.  It doesn’t take much, but that simple act of gratitude can mean the world to them. Plus, it shows that you recognize the talent required to teach and guide our children.There are several ways to show appreciation. Involve your school’s parent-teacher organization, parents and students, and make it memorable!

Assemble a gift-card bouquet with gift cards teachers can use to buy classroom supplies.

  • Or, for a more personal touch, give gift cards to their favorite stores and restaurants.
  • Make flowers out of construction paper or tissue paper and attach a gift card to each flower.  Arrange the flowers in a flower pot, pretty vase, mason jar or reusable glass water bottle. You can even include packets of flower seeds for their home garden with a note that says ‘Thank you for helping us grow!’

Ask students and parents to use their creativity for handmade, thoughtful gifts

  • Hand out construction paper and ask each student to make a Thank You card for their teacher.  These can be made at home and given to teachers at the beginning of the week.
  • Have students and their parents submit a coupon to be inserted into a photo album and present the completed album to the teacher. Students can offer to do various classroom jobs or deliver paperwork to the office or to other classrooms. Parents can volunteer for recess or lunch duty.

Offer teachers and staff treats or lunch throughout appreciation week

  • Give each staff member a S’more Kit with a note saying ‘We need s’more people like you!’
  • Provide lunch, like a soup, salad and sandwich bar.  Make each classroom responsible for different foods or salad and sandwich toppings.  Don’t forget napkins, cups and plates!
  • Set up a popcorn bar with several popcorn flavors for a healthy snack.  Ask families to bring in different popcorn mix-ins, like cheese, caramel, ranch, butter or nacho. Or, purchase a variety of flavors.