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Government News: Celebrate Parks and Recreation Month
Each June, the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association officially celebrates Parks and Recreation Month. The community parks and recreation centres we celebrate play a vital role in promoting the health and well-being of people of all ages. Parks—whether city, provincial or national—provide safe places for residents to socialize and enjoy the outdoors. They have been attributed to overall good health, stress reduction and economic stimulation. Similarly, recreation programs provide residents the opportunity to get active and participate in sports and other activities, which can decrease obesity, ease chronic health conditions, reduce depression and promote self-esteem.Local parks and recreational programs serve as a critical front-line resource to improve the health and happiness of our communities and their members. This year, continue the tradition of celebrating Parks and Recreation Month by promoting your local parks and recreational facilities to the community. Here are some ways you can promote all they have to offer.

  • Get the word out: Let your community members know Parks and Recreation Month is approaching and why it’s a reason to celebrate. Print flyers and rack cards with the “Top 5 Reasons to Visit Your Local Parks and Recreational Facilities.” Distribute them with monthly water or utility bills, or post them at local pools, golf courses, park buildings and other publicly owned facilities.
  • Hold a contest: Ask community members to share pictures or videos on your social media sites of them participating in their favourite park activities or recreational programs. Hold a contest for best photo or video, pick weekly winners and distribute golf umbrellas, gardening gloves and beach towels as prizes.
  • Reward involvement: Promote parks and recreation all month long by rewarding those that use your facilities with a small gift. If you run a community pool, imprint mini beach balls that say, “Parks and Recreation Month 2014” and provide them to swimmers. Or, if your community has a provincial park, offer a loyalty program during the month of June, where for every visit, park-goers receive an entry into a draw for a prize—Trailblazer Excursion Sets or camping chairs make nice choices.

Regardless of what your community offers and how you choose to promote it, don’t miss out on the great opportunity to celebrate during Parks and Recreation Month.

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