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Cause marketing refers to the collaboration of for-profit businesses or corporations that pair with nonprofit organizations on a specific cause for mutual benefit (think Susan G. Komen Foundation and Yoplait’s “Save Lids to Save Lives” campaign, or Target Stores that give five percent of their income to local communities).At your next trade show, consider joining forces with a nonprofit organization or charity as a tool to attract people to your booth, create positive public relations and boast improved customer relations.It’s a win-win-win situation:

  • Attendees and potential customers will feel good about the opportunity to buy your product or use your services.
  • Your business will gain a reputation for caring and even the potential for increased sales.
  • The nonprofit or cause will gain visibility and save money through piggy-backing off of your promotions.

Here are a few ideas for successfully implementing cause marketing in the trade show setting:

First, find a cause that has a logical connection to your business. Then, find a charity or nonprofit benefitting that particular cause. Causes and organizations aligned with your business or products and services will be easier to integrate in your booth and overall trade show marketing efforts.

Decide how your product or service will align with the cause’s marketing efforts and whether your cause organizational partner is seeking brand building awareness or funds. This exploration will help you find your hook.

Make division of responsibility clear and implement tools for measuring reach and success.

Then, choose marketing materials to give away as swag or booth drawings that are representative of both your business and your cause. Here at 4imprint, we have a large selection of cause-related materials ready and waiting for you and your logo:

  • Environmental Causes/Going Green
    • Keep your business—and the environment—top of mind all year long with a Goinggreen Calendar that features beautiful pictures and tips for going green each month!
    • Recycle Symbol Stress Relievers emblazoned with your logo also bring awareness to both the cause and your business, while serving as an exercise to decrease tension.
  • Breast Cancer Research/Awareness
    • The Pink Post-It® Gift Set, complete with a branded flag pen featuring the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon and fun-shaped pink Post-It® Notes with dispenser, are just the way for booth visitors to take note of breast cancer awareness and your business.
    • Our Breast Cancer Awareness Auto Ribbon let’s booth visitors take pride in the cause and is easily tucked away in folders to distribute with literature about your business or products and services.
  • Heart Disease Awareness
    • Red Dress Lapel Pins not only draw attention to the cause, but are the perfect size to stick on a business card or tuck in a swag bag.
    • Lay out a stash of the Red Ribbon Bentcils for trade show visitors to snatch up as they meander by your booth.
  • Health and Nutrition
    • Our Fast Food Smart Eating Guide promotes smart nutritional choices while on the go and has plenty of room right on the cover for your logo or a message.
    • Want to shed light on the importance of being trained in CPR? The CPR First Aid Kit is a great way to do it!

Whether your business pairs with a nonprofit for a full-on cause marketing initiative or simply hopes to create goodwill through awareness, cause marketing can fit into your trade show efforts—get started today!

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