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Capture the overwhelmed consumer with cause marketing

Cause marketing refers to the collaboration of for-profit businesses or corporations that pair with non-profit organizations on a specific cause for mutual benefit (think the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and CIBC’s “Run for the Cure,” or Becel’s “Love Your Heart” efforts for the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation).At your next trade show, consider joining forces with a non-profit organization or charity as a tool to attract people to your booth, create positive public relations and boast improved customer relations.
It’s a win-win-win situation:

  1. Attendees and potential customers will feel good about the opportunity to buy your product or use your services.
  2. Your business will cultivate a caring reputation and even the potential for increased sales.
  3. The non-profit or cause will gain visibility and save money through piggy-backing off of your promotions.

Here are a few ideas for successfully implementing cause marketing in the trade show setting:

Go green
Perhaps your business specializes in environmental products or services, or has a particular interest in letting customers know that you value the environment. Keep your business—and the environment—top of mind all year long with a Recycled PET Duffle. A SoHo Eco Pen/Highlighter imprinted with your logo is another great option.

Fight disease
Any business that caters to women is in a position to show care and concern for this major audience through support of causes that affect them in particular, like Breast Cancer and Heart Disease. The adorable Moseez Bear with a pink breast cancer awareness t-shirt is just the way for booth visitors to take note of breast cancer awareness and your business. Red Silicone Bracelets not only draw attention to AIDS prevention but are the perfect size to tuck in a swag bag, as are the Red Ribbon Bentcils.

Get healthy
Maybe your business just wants to promote overall health and safety in your constituents—after all, their health directly impacts their business relationships and purchasing power. Our Everlast Travel Fitness Kit promotes an active lifestyle and has plenty of room right on the bag for your logo or a message. Or focus your cause marketing efforts on the importance of first aid knowledge with the First Aid Kit.

Promote literacy
Ensuring that children and young adults can and do read is an ongoing awareness effort in many communities. If your business feels this is a cause to promote that makes sense with your product or services, hand out items that promote reading, like Bookmarks or a Clip on Book Light.

Whether your business pairs with a non-profit for a full-on cause marketing initiative or simply hopes to create goodwill through awareness, cause marketing can fit into your trade show efforts—get started today!

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